Good afternoon,

My compliments, this website is incredibly rich, it takes hours to visit the main topics!

I am a 26 years old researcher from Northern Italy. I am currently trying to discover and to show the history of a plane wreck I found this summer, at more than 2900 meters on the Western Alps.
Here you may find the photos and datas I already posted,

You have to know that this crash site is covered by snow for at least 11 months per year, so it is quite difficult to look for other parts; I will come up there next spring, I hope.
According to archives, this should be the wreck of Lancaster LM339. It crashed up there after striking Milano, during August, 1943. I would like to identify it for sure.

Here, in the end, the list of the five inscriptions I found on the parts:

number 1 28527
numero 2 nothing
numero 3 nn.
numero 4 nn.
numero 5 nn.
numero 6 nn.
numero 7 08ISS B
numero 8 nn.
numero 9 nn.
numero 10 nn.
numero 11 0130
numero 12 32311 (with a strange symbol, where I read 42 and S)
number 13 nn.

Thank you all for your kind help.
With my kindest regards,