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Thread: Kemble Air Day - Sunday 18th June 2006

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    Kemble Air Day - Sunday 18th June 2006

    Nothing new for the hardened enthusiast at Kemble today and the forecast clear skies + 30 degrees deteriorated into high overcast cloud all day. However, this was a very nicely balanced show with something for everyone, vintage, modern, military and civil. The RAF Tornado had to abort his take-off due to an afterburner failure and the highlight of the show was the RNZAF Boeing 757 which was definately a coup for Kemble. Well done Glen + team!

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    Sittingbourne Kent 45 mins from MSE ,55 mins from LGW
    Seems funny that I saw the Black cats take off to kemble at Manston brilliant shots there

    Off topic sad news about Sea Hawks Mate Sea Fury on saturday it hit a gull receiving a nasty dent in the nose today it flew back to Yeovilton for some repair work.

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    Looking forward to the 2010 airshow Season

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    Speaking as one of Glen's "crew" and just back from a long, hard, and very tiring weekend working there - I just thought I would add a few comments

    I was Airside all day on security over the far side, positioned right under the flying display line - which would have meant a few amazing shots had my camera been accessible at the right moment Apart from the rather un-nerving experience of seeing everything heading directly at me all day - highlight for me was the low pass by the RNZAF 757 which shot over my head at very little altitude and seemingly banking to avoid an adjacent hanger roof I was nearly ducking for cover - but boy was it
    Tornado aborted alongside me on take-off - typical tonkas (I used to work on em remember). Sparrows aborted their display due to not one but 2 incursions on Kemble airspace Sad to see the Fouga going - nice but quirky little beast (with equally nice but quirky
    Liked that R/C US Coastguard Herc (1/7th scale) - having seen it close up on the ground - but it did fly a tad fast for scale...but made up for it by dropping dummies on
    Cracking display by the Sea Hawk - glad to see it around again

    All in all - well worth my weekend down there - despite the really long hours on duty - but thats fine cuz I volunteered... Can't wait for the next one now
    Pete Buckingham
    Former RAF Engineer
    Volunteer in Aviation

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    You really need to change your signiture at the bottom of your posts Pete!! To much gloating there

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    Great pix as ever from DB on another thread...think I'll put mine here, I've given up on moving targets !

    Albert, great to meet with you at last, look forward to a longer chat next time !

    PS did anyone get a shot of G-BSEU - I was in too much of a rush to get the bus across & back !
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    Retreating?! Hell no, we're just attacking the other direction!
    Love the pictures of Ultimate High Extra's and the Bulldog, any idea who was flying them ? Anna
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    Ultimate High Extras and Bulldogs

    They were flown by:
    Robert Miller
    Charlie Mcilroy
    John Taylor
    Mark Grigg

    Interestingly other Ultimate High pilots were flying the Spitfire:
    Bill Perrins
    and the Delta Jets Hunters:
    Andy Cubin
    Brian Cornes
    Steve Hicks

    BTW did anybody get any pics of the Ultimate High Formation?

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