Here in Brussels, a area is developed; and new streets and squares are in the planning. We have the opportunity to suggest some names.
A good way to honour 2 Belgian designers: Jean STAMPE and Alfred RENARD. It take a very few minutes to follow this link:


Would you be so kind to "suggest" both of them. I propose the 2 squares (PLACE in French) on the left side.

Jean STAMPE: Born April 17th 1889 in Molenbeek. WW1 pilot, personal pilot of King Albert 1th, aeroplane designer. Most succesfull is the SV-4, better know as "THE Stampe". +/- 1000 build, 300 still flying.

Alfred RENARD: Born April 25th 1895 in Brussels. Designer of aero-engines and airframes. "Father" of the very first pressurised airframe , in 1935 (Renard 35 trimotor).

A very rare opportunity to bring aeronautical names in the limelight.

Thank you to participate