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Thread: RAAF 8 SQN Beaufort request

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    RAAF 8 SQN Beaufort request

    Hi all, I am doing some research on my Great Great Uncle who was a W.A.G. in the RAAF. He ended up doing at tour in the Pacific with 8 SQN RAAF flying in Beauforts. Just wondering if there is anyone on this forum who would happen to have any images, or info on 8SQN RAAF. I know it is a long shot, but you never know who has what these days. If anyone happens to have anything it would be great.

    So far this is what I have.

    Joseph Donovan RAAF Service number 418739
    He was posted to 8 Squadron as a Flying Officer (F/O)
    Tour commenced 26th July 1943
    First sortie 03 November 1943
    Last sortie 28 May 1944
    Carried out 6 Strike/Attack operations
    4 other operations
    Flew 28.10 hours during the day
    Flew 30.00 hours at night
    41.50 hours other ie training etc
    Joseph was posted to No 4 I.T.S Victoria Harbour on 19th June 1942 upon his enlistment to the RAAF (Initial Training School)
    Posted to No 1 W.A.G.S at Ballarat 20th August 1942 (Wireless Air Gunners School)
    Posted to No 3 BAGS at West Sale 08 February 1943 (bombing and Gunnery School)
    (RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] Bombs and Gunnery Schools 1, 2 and 3 Aug 40 - Dec 43)
    Posted to No 1 E.D. Ascot Vale 05 March 1943 (Embarkation Depot)
    Posted to No 29 (G) course (Gunnery)
    Posted to No 1 O.T.U. Bairnsdale then to East Sale 16th March 1943 (Operational Training Unit) on Beaufighters
    1 R.D.P Townsville 20th July 1943
    Posted to 8 SQN 21th July 1943 – Embarked TSV 20th August 1943, Disembarked Goodenough 29th August 1943 SQN moved
    On arrival to 8SQN JD was assigned to A flight. That night they had the airmans dance at the gold club.
    8SQN Orb read to page 50
    No 1 E.D Ransford NSW 12th September 1944
    Posted to 1 O.T.U East Sale 30th June 1944 as an Instructor
    1P.D Ransford 12th September 1945
    Discharged 25th October 1945
    Pilot Officer 04th March 1943 (P/O)
    Flying Officer 04th September 1943 (F/O)
    Flight Lieutenant 04th March 1945 (F/L)

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    Hi Brenden.

    Have you tried the Australian War Memorial website?

    97 photos as a quick search, doubtless they will include all aspects of 8 Sqn's WW2 air operations, but quite a few Beauforts feature.

    ...converting fuel to noise.

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    I have done a huge amount of research with the AWM and the IWM as well. I have the 8SQN ORB and also my uncles files held by the AWM. You just never know who has what in the world these days. Thanks though Geoff

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