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Thread: Names on Berlin Airlift Memorial

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    Names on Berlin Airlift Memorial

    Can anyone tell me which names are inscribed on the BBA Berlin Airlift Memorial in the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire?

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    Actually no - their names are of Americans only. The British one has the RAF, Army and civil air charter names on.

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    Operation Plainfare':


    Royal Air Force casualties

    York MW288 19 September 1948
    Crashed at Wunstorf after engine failure following night take-off. All crew killed


    Pilot - 175967 F/L Hugh Wallace Thomson
    Co-Pilot - 166759 F/L Geoffrey Kell
    Nav II - 1604758 Lawrence Edward Hope Gilbert
    Signaller - 1577861 - Sig II Sidney Mark Lewis Towersey
    Flight Engineer II - 1881703 Eng II Ernest William Watson

    Dakota KP223 17th November 1948
    The Dakota C.4 was on a Blind Approach Beam System (BABS) approach during the Berlin Airlift when it crashed in the Soviet zone and caught fire.

    Passenger - 2221594 Sgt Frank Dowling
    Navigator - 3001781 Sign II Philip Arthur Lough
    Pilot - 1316810 Pilot 1 Francis Ivor Trezona
    Co-Pilot - 55636 Flt Lt John Graham Wilkins

    Dakoka KN491 24th Jan 1949
    The Dakota crashed into a forest in East Germany while approaching Lübeck at night.
    With a crew of three and nineteen civilian passengers and was making a radio compass letdown at night and in poor weather.

    Signaller - 1375129 Sig II John Ernest Grout

    also killed were 7 German civilian passengers.

    Gudrun Giessler (from Bonn)
    Ursula Grasshof (from Bielefeld)
    Irmgard and Emanuel Kelch (from Berlin)
    Johann Lercher
    Gerti and Silvia Zimmermann (from Berlin - Dahlem)

    Dakota KJ970 22 March 1949
    It was returning to Lübeck at night when it flew into the ground during a Blind Approach Beam System (BABS) approach.

    Signaller - 552860 M Sig Alan Penny AFC
    Pilot (RAAF) - A412688 Flt Lt Mel Joseph Quinn
    Nav (SAAF) - 59342 F/O Kenneth Arthur Reeves

    Hastings TG611 16 July 1949
    The Hastings lost control and dived into the ground due to incorrect tail trim.

    Pilot - 59756 F/O Ian Ronald Donaldson,
    Signaller - 1826137 Sig II Alexander Dunsire
    Engineer - 3030958 Engr II Roy Reginald Gibbs
    Navigator - 1324598 Nav 1 William George Page
    Co-Pilot - 7597167 Sgt Joseph Toal Army Gilder Pilot

    Belin Airlift mmemorial list another British miltary member as a airfield fatality near hamburg
    on 3rd June 1949. However, no detail on his death exists

    Sig 22031264 Raymond Marks 3rd June 1949

    British Civilian Fatalities

    Flight Refuelling Ltd. Lancastrian G-AHJW 23 November 1948
    Took off from RAF Wunsdorf at 14:56 for a flight to Tarrant Rushton to undergo a periodic maintenance inspection.
    The airplane strayed about 24 miles off course while homing in on an incorrect beacon. It struck trees on a hill, crashed and caught fire.

    Cyril Taylor aged 34 (Pilot) ex ? Cyril TAYLOR, A.F.M. (182540) 745184
    William Cusack aged 25 (Pilot)
    Michael Edwin Casey aged 24 (Nav Off)
    Alan John Burton aged 28 (Nav Off) Probably 163576
    Dornford Winstan Robertson 26 (Radio Officer) - From RNZAF ex NZ40557
    Reginald Merrick Watson Heath (DFC) (Captain)
    Kenneth Arthur Seabourne (DFM) (Flight Engineer)
    and the sole survivor - Paul Stanley Vincent

    Airlift, Ltd 8th Dec 1948
    Ground Accident - Pilot killed on the tarmac by a lorry

    Capt Clement Wilbur Utting

    Lancashire Aircraft Corp 15th Jan 1949, Handley page Hastings TG521
    Ground Accident - Hastings collied with a service vehicle of the civilian comapny
    Patrick James Griffin (Ground Engr)
    Edward O'Neil, (Ground Engr)
    Theodor Supernatt (Ground Engr)

    Also killed Richard Karl Otto Nuemann, (German Employee)

    Skyways, Avro York, G-AHFI
    Lost control while approaching Gatow; the port wing dropped and the aircraft dived into the ground.

    Capt Cecil Golding (Pilot)
    First Officer Henry Thomas Newman (Co-Pilot)
    Radio Officer Peter James Edwards

    Lancashire Aircraft Corporation Ltd, Handley Page Halton, G-AJZZ

    Capt. Robert John Freight
    Nav. Off James Patrick LLEwin Sharp

    21st March 1949:
    Lancashire Aircraft Corporation Ltd. (civil charter) Handley Page Halifax, registration G-AJZZ
    Flew into high ground near RAF Schleswigland, Jagel, Schleswig-Holstein, West Germany

    Capt. Robert John Freight
    Nav. off. James Patrick Lewin Sharp
    Eng. off. Henry Patterson

    Radio Officer Hamilton Survived

    30th April 1949
    World Air Freight, Halton G-AKAC Ex-RAF PP267
    Crashed at Nauen, near Oranienburg, Havelland district, Brandenburg, approximately 32 km North West of Berlin-Tegel,

    Capt. William Richard Donald Lewis
    Nav. Off. Edward Ernest Caroll
    Eng. Off. John Anderson
    Rad. Off. Kenneth George Wood

    The Bridge of Wings - Page 110
    Joyce Hargrave-Wright - 2016

    Appendix 3: Names of those who lost their lives

    - With Corrections anbd my Updates

    This list records the names of the 39 British and Commonweath men,
    who lost their lives in the air and on the ground, whilst taking part
    in the Berlin Airlift Operation, from June 28th, 1948 until
    September 30th, 1949 and thus ensure the survival of the city

    Anderson, John 30th April 1949
    Burton, Alan John 22nd November, 1948/23rd November, 1948
    Carroll, Edward Ernest 30th April,1949
    Casey, Michael Edwin 22nd November, 1948/23rd November, 1948
    Cusack, William 22nd November, 1948, 1948/23rd November, 1948
    Donaldson, Ian Ronald 16th July, 1949
    Dowling, Frank 17th November, 1948
    Dunsire, Alexander 16th July, 1949
    Edwards, Peter James 15th March, 1949
    Freight, Robert John 21st March, 1949
    Gibbs, Roy Reginald 16th July, 1949
    Gilbert, Lawrence Edward Hope 19th September,1948
    Golding, Cecil 15th March, 1949
    Griffin, Patrick James 15th January, 1949
    Grout, John Ernest 24th January, 1949
    Heath, Reginald Merrick Watson (DFC) 22nd November, 1948/23rd November, 1948
    Kell, Geoffrey 19th September, 1948
    Lewis, William Richard Donald 30th April, 1949
    Louch, Philip Arthur 17th November, 1948
    Newman, Henry Thomas 15th March, 1949 .
    O'Neil, Edward 15th January, 1949
    Page, William George 16th July, 1949
    Patterson, Henry 21st March, 1949
    Penny, Alan (AFC) 22nd March. 1949
    Quinn, Mel Joseph 22nd March, 1949
    Reeves, Kenneth Arthur 22nd March, 1949
    Robertson, Dornford Winstan22nd November, 1948/23rd November, 1948
    Seabourne, Kenneth Arthur (DFM) 22nd November, 1948/23rd November, 1948
    Sharp, James Patrick Lewin 21st March , 1949
    Supernatt, Theodor 15th January, 1949
    Taylor, Cyril (DFC AFM) 22nd November, 1948/23rd November, 1948
    Thomson, Hugh Wallace (MC DFC) 19th Septemeber, 1948
    Toal, Joseph 16th July, 1949
    Towersey, Sidney Mark Lewis 19th September, 1949
    Trezona, Francis Ivor 17th November, 1948
    Utting, Clement Wilbur 8th December, 1948
    Watson, Ernest William 19th September, 1948
    Wilkins, John Graham 25th November, 1948
    Wood, Kenneth George 30th April 1949

    A note says the list was taken from the Order of Service
    for 60th Anniversary at the National Memorial Arbortetum
    September, 26th 2009
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    Thanks for that - have until now been unable to find anything on Marks. Two other names - G. Haan and Cpl G.S. Burns still elude me .....

    one correction however for this entry:

    Dakota KJ970 22 March 1949
    It was returning to Lübeck at night when it flew into the ground during a Blind Approach Beam System (BABS) approach.

    Signaller - 552860 M Sig Alan Penny AFC
    Pilot (RAAF) - A412688 Flt Lt Mel Joseph Quinn
    Nav (SAAF) - 59342 F/O Kenneth Arthur Reeves

    Reeves was ex-SAAF, having been demobbed and joined the RAF, so was not SAAF post 1945. The SAAF also used Army ranks, not RAF ones. He remains the only South African to be killed in the Airlift but there were no SAAF casualties.

    Much appreciated
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    Cpl George Stanley Burns was American (as I suspect is G Haan)


    George S Burns was born around 1926. We know that George S Burns had been residing in Caldwell County, North Carolina.

    Military Service
    Military serial#: 34777365
    Enlisted: November 19, 1945 in Ft Jackson Columbia South Carolina
    Military branch: Corps Of Engineers
    Rank: Private First Class, Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, And Enlisted Men)
    Terms of enlistment: One Year Enlistment

    Any reference to him being in Royal Artillery is a mistake I think

    Apparantly He died at Tegel 29 October 48
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    Source for Burns

    Der Bär von Berlin

    29 Okt. 48 Burns, George S. Cpl "RA34777365" Tegel
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    Signaller Raymond Marks was born in Portsmouth 11 March 1930 I think he had at least 1 sister
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    A sobering list.

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    Many thanks for these inputs. Strange how some names appear on the memorials yet others dont.

    Some sources quote some 101 casualties of the Airlift - and the list for Germans varies from source to source - on that do the names of thise who died in the April 1948 Viking / Yak 3 collision appear anywhere?

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    Can’t find Russian

    But Vickers 610 Viking 1B with the registration G-AIVP
    Apr 5, 1948 Berlin

    Captain John Ralph, pilot,
    First Officer Norman Merrington, copilot,
    Charles Manser, radio operator,
    Leonard George Goodman, steward.


    Sgt Pasquale E. Pintus (US Army)
    Mrs Frances Ruth Clough (USA)
    Miss Jean M. C. S. Shea - who was Daughter General Sir John Stuart Mackenzie Shea (Indian Army)
    Mr. Reginald E. Roberts,
    Mr. Stephen J. Stocking,
    Mr. Robert H. Collier,
    Mr. Waldemar Hald (Australia)
    Captain Ian James Armour Fleming #348265 Cameromans
    Mr Edward G. Lewin,
    Mr. H. Read-Jahn (German)
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