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Embraer E2:
Creating the Profit Hunter

Chronicling the development of the E-Jet E2.

Pioneer Airlines
Embraer is promising a “mature and robust” aircraft at entry into service and has established its own airline to ensure it happens.

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Nordic Adventures
Primera Air has just entered the increasingly competitive transatlantic market. Its CEO Hrafn Thorgeirsson talks candidly about the new service, his ambitious plans and why he likens himself to a boy scout.

Shining the spotlight on the US manufacturer intending to make supersonic transport affordable and accessible.

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In the Spotlight: Exceeding Expectations
AirBaltic CEO Martin Gauss discusses the Latvian carrier’s initial experience with its new Bombardier C Series.

High Science
Some seemingly ordinary aeroplanes ply extraordinary trades. One such jet continues the vital work of the earliest weather pioneers, exploring atmospheric systems and representing the UK in global climate change research.