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Thread: Hawker Typhoon 1B Car Door Heated Pressure Head.

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    Hawker Typhoon 1B Car Door Heated Pressure Head.

    Seeking info on a component fitted exclusively to the car door version of the Hawker Typhoon 1B.
    It's no use checking out the other survivors as they are all bubble canopy versions and had a different system fitted.
    The component in question is the Heated Pressure Head (circled in the pic below); and is fitted aft of the radio aerial,
    protected by a horseshoe-shaped ice shroud (P/No: A.111757) on top of the insulation panel attached to the rear perspex panel
    It appears in the A.P. wiring list diagram but gives no further information.
    Any information would be much appreciated.
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    The Heated Pressure Head was the external temperature sensor unit of the I.F.F. system and sent a signal to the Contactor Master Unit (10A/10994) high precision clockwork mechanism with a built-in thermostatically controlled heater ensuring that its temperature remained stable, whatever the height of the aircraft. It may well be that the Hurricane employed a similar sensor unit
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