Repost from another site - I'm sure someone here will know

27th January 1964

On the above date an RAF pilot from 78 Squadron flying a Twin Pioneer in the Oman war medevac'd four badly wounded soldiers to be eventually delivered to the RAF Hospital at Steamer Point in Aden. I ask if anybody knows if they survived their injuries as the pilot is terminally ill and has not long to live. He is anxious to know and can't rest until he can find out.

It was one of those missions where the rule book was ripped up and thrown out of the window, in fact, from what is written he expected to be court martialed and all the rest of it. If anybody knows anything, Agatha (screen name) on posted in the military aviation section would like to hear from you. She is a RAFA caseworker and will be visiting him on the 25th so time is very short.