I thought that this would be more fitting on HA rather than where one would normally find it on GD. It's about an aircraft that some rather like !

"Spitfire Manual 1940". Amberley Publishing. ISBN 978-1-84868-436-2. £9.99.

Ignore the published price. This book is on sale at 'theworks.co.uk' for just £3. It is a collection of Air Ministry issued articles, drawings and advice covering the entire operation of the Spitfire. It covers; aerial fighting, formation flying, pilot's notes on flying the aircraft, the Merlin, exploded diagrams and much more.

My local store in Chichester had about six copes left that I could see on the shelves. If you can't get it locally, let me know and I'll get you a copy. If this book is already known to the forum - forgive the duplication.