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Thread: jet fighters vs armed helicopters

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    jet fighters vs armed helicopters

    Was interested if there has been any instances of combat between jet fighters and armed helos during the cold war era ( 1950-1990) other than airwolf ofcourse

    what strategies can armed helicopters (which are geared towards attacking army units and spend most of their time at ultra low level) employ to avoid getting shot down by modern jet fighters ? and can they turn the tables and shoot down enemy jets ?

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    stay low, using terrain to give as little opportunities as possible to teh jets, and, if engaged, if they have something like sidewinders at their disposal, they can, eventually, shoot back, but the window of opportunity is extremely small (the jet eventually passes at an acceptable distance in a matter of seconds)

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    Force the jet that generally fly higher to get in an aggravated dive angle. In most of the case you fly toward the jet during tge gun pass (you have better gun aiming ability (you are nimbler, have an actuated gun turret and are generally the most hardest target to eyeball against background)).
    Seating under the belly is the place to be for you.

    Hard to say however how moder Off bore sigh shooting, generalized IR, HMS and fusion have change this fact (it would be harder today to argue that you are visually undetectable).

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    There's 1 listed against an Iraqi MiG-21 by an Iranian AH-1J.

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    South African Air Force Impala Mk2's (Mb-326KC) using their built in 30mm cannon engaged Russian/Cuban flown Mi-17 and Mi-25 over Angola 1985 shooting down 4 x Mi-25 and 2x Mi-17 in the two engagements on two seperate days.

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    There was some discussion about it in the Falklands War. In Dave Morgan's excellent book Hostile Skies he talks about the downing of several unarmed helos with his Sea Harrier (one with jet wash, others with cannon). He commented that a cardinal sin for the helos was to fly over water- that makes it much easier for the fast jet pilot to pick out the moving blades over the water. Otherwise the helos were very difficult to spot and track. A maneuvering helo was by no means an easy target. Jinking was difficult to follow- and god forbid if a fighter pilot was ever shot down by one- he would never live it down in the bar...

    From the same conflict Special Forces Pilot by Richard Hutchins also has some insight on avoiding fast jets.

    A few themes I seem to recall: avoid flying over water/rivers. Jink often. Mask your profile. Point your nose at the jet. Keep a sharp lookout and maintain visual contact. Use lower speed and maneuverability to your advantage. Break decisively if engaged.

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