I rebuilt this a/c back in 1994 and finished it in the standard wartime factory olive drab scheme. I did not apply any coding and have so far been unable to ascertain anything about its wartime sojourn in Honolulu.
Piper L4A serial No 9042
USAAC serial No 42-38455
Recieved by USAAC 30/6/42
To San Fransisco 30/6/42
Assigned op "Maestro"11/7/42
No further entries on card until:-
Excluded Inventory list 1/6/46 at Oahu Island, Hawaii.
To American civil register as Piper J3C-65, Registration NC62052 to
Stanley Sobihan 2/6/46
Colby Jones 1/7/72
Thomas Hauptman 7/5/76
Cancelled from register /6/81 as exported to New Zealand.
If anyone can provide further info on the wartime service and any unit markins or insignias that it may have had applied I would be most grateful.