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Thread: Spotted heading south on M74 Today - cabin monoplane fuselage - any clues?

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    Spotted heading south on M74 Today - cabin monoplane fuselage - any clues?

    Heading south on the M74 near Abington, on a trailer, the fuselage and inner wings of a single engined cabin monoplane. It was green in colour and the engine/nose was missing. Lookeda bit weather beaten. Solo driving so no pictures unfortunately.

    It looked a bit like a Proctor or similar. Anyone know what it was?
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    M74 goes nowhere near Abingdon but does pass close to Abington....!!!

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    Surprisingly there is only one roundabout between Abington on the M74 and Abingdon on the A34 (J9 M40).

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    Here is a bit of a guess, but how about Tipsy Belfair G-APOD. The configuration sounds about right, and restoration work was mooted a while ago. Seemingly in storage in Inverness.

    The owner alanp posted on here as follows in 2011.

    ''My attention has been brought to this thread somewhat belatedly but I’ll provide a little more detail if I may. Back in July 1987 my brother Lindsay, having recently got his PPL was keen to buy an aircraft had asked me to see what was on sale at the PFA Rally at Cranfield (he was unable to attend). Amongst the usual suspects Skysport had newly restored G-APIE for sale at £6500, which I reported back. Having always been fond of the Belfair, enquiries were made but a sale had already been agreed. A few weeks later another Belfair (G-APOD) was advertised in Flight at £5500. This time we moved quickly, flying down from Glasgow to a wet and grey Netherthorpe the next weekend to view and conclude the sale. Lindsay said that the aircraft was very light and responsive but that the owner was a very nervous flyer (perhaps this should have been a clue).

    In Early September POD was delivered to Scone (Perth), its new home. Early flights were completed under the guidance of an experienced taildragger pilot but power loss due to plug oiling frequently cut these short. (caveat emptor!) A variety of fixes were tried but none cured the problem and eventually POD was grounded whilst an engineer with Mikron experience was sought. (clearly she wasn’t nicknamed the Gremlin for nothing). In the days before the internet, these things weren’t as simple as they are now and weeks soon became months. Lindsay’s medical career began to occupy more time and then Scone was sold and many resident aircraft were asked to move out. POD was dismantled and stored initially in nearby Balbeggie, then laterally at Dundee Airport.

    Having moved to Bristol, Lindsay was unable to do much with POD although the engine finally got it’s rebuild. Years passed and another move for both brought them together in Inverness where they have managed to stick for some time. POD is complete but dismantled, essentially in very good condition apart from the oil soaked lower deck and somewhat battered root fillets. The cockpit area had been greatly modified throughout its career and Lindsay would like to restore it to something more authentic (and presentable). The joints have been checked and are sound so essentially all that’s needed is a good wood n’ fabric man to put it all back together. If any of you can recommend such a person, I’ll pass it on as I’ve been nagging him ever week since 1987 to get POD back where she belongs. We have been told that the original owner ran a construction company and was involved in the construction of the M1, using POD to commute to sites and landing on the finished portions. If anyone ever comes across pictures of this, I’d love to see them.''

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    I suspect not - the aircraft I saw had substantial wing stubs. Looks like the Belfair had single piece wings. , And I'm sure it had a more involved cockpit that the Belfair.

    I do recall there was a half moon 'hole' in the rear fuselage, but I was doing 65mh at the time so didn'tget a great look
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