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Thread: Former UK Buchon G-AWHE Now Bf-109G-14 D-FMGV?

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    Former UK Buchon G-AWHE Now Bf-109G-14 D-FMGV?

    The Hangar10 flying museum in Germany has posted some photos to their Facebook page and website of their newly arrived, airworthy, Bf-109G-14 WkNr.462707, registered as D-FMGV. The description on their Facebook page claims that the restoration work took place in 2017, by Rare Bird Aviation.

    Now, for some background, Hangar10 did have a static-only Bf-109G-14, said to be WkNr.462707 as well, that was on display at the museum up until a year or so ago - until it went away. That non-flying aircraft had been largely made of new parts and original non-airworthy parts for display purpose only - it is my understanding that it couldn't have formed the basis for any flying airframe. Then, in early 2017, the former Richard Lake Buchon/G-AWHE was sold to Hangar10, with reports at the time claiming it was going to be re-engined with a DB605.

    Jump forward to now, with the unveiling of this newly arrived aircraft said to be WkNr.462707, it appears to be an entirely different aircraft than the static one they had displayed before (going beyond just the difference in paint scheme) - the quality/state of the airframe, over all, is leaps and bounds better than the static "462707" they had before, so much so that it is clearly an entirely different airframe (which couldn't have been all made new just within a year). The forward fuselage and engine cowl section, especially, is completely different from the static example they had before, as is the overall condition and details of the wings, etc. What this new "462707" clearly points to being, but without confirmation, is the former G-AWHE Buchon, now re-engined and re-configured with a DB605 engine and with the late G-14 era canopy and tail added. What seems to confirm this further is the description given by Rare Bird Aviation, the company that performed the work over the last year, on their website - a "full restoration and engine conversion".

    Hangar10 Facebook page:

    Here is a photo of the static "462707" that Hangar10 did have on display up until a few years ago, for comparison:

    If this is all as it really has gone, it's an interesting case of swapsies. Where the static airframe that had been claimed as 462707 went, or what ever will become of it, will be interesting to see (perhaps parted out, if not already?).
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    When we did an article on Air Academy last year they said both the Bf109 and Fw 190D-9 replica were sold into the US. The D-9 has surfaced at Cavanaugh, but as yet not the 109.

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    .....and another Buchon has (potentially, anyway) bitten the dust!
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    A Buchon being rebuilt, modified and marketed as a real 109. Who would have thought we'd see the day...

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    We'd call that a VIN swop in the car business.......................

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    Wonder what the cost difference is between an original Buchon and a new build fuselage?
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