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Thread: Dove plus 5 engines for sale

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    Dove plus 5 engines for sale

    We are selling a DH-104 Dove absolutely original and in very good condition , with the original engines Gipsy Queen 70-3 of 380 HP with mounts , hubs and propellers . The plane was beeing restored to be used to take hunters but the project went down and now the fuselage is ready to be painted (it is with primer). The plane is comming from the Argentine Air Force and is very little used . The project includes the two factory original engines from the plane that was in flying order and 3 extra engines without accesories as spares . A great project to get a fantastic Dove . Only the navigation instruments are missing .
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    Good news, where is the location of the project? I have been round the world 11.83 times!

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    It does not say. just gives contact details

    he is also advertising a Maggy if you scroll down.

    his is an historic airplane with proven history . The plane was SERIAL LV-XSG , THAT AFTER 2005 BECAME THE LV-X246 .

    THIS PLANE , SAID MR PETER AMOS (BRITISH AVIATION HISTORIAN) , WAS THE UNIQUE MAGISTER TO FLY IN THE "BATTLE OF BRITAIN DISPLAY" IN SEPTEMBER 15 OF 1945 IN THE "CHURCH FENTON" BASE OF THE 125 R.A.F. SQUADRON , 2 weeks after the Japanese surrender , celebrating the victory of the RAF over the Luftwaffe in 1940 . This was the only Magister that received honors for the Britain victory and from the British people ?! .

    The plane has been kept in absolutely perfect original condition . It was also painted in the original RAF configuration . All the parts and engine are factory original and have been restored professionally about 15 years ago. The fuselage has been restored by the best aviation carpenter in South America, Mr Hector Poulain who passed away some years ago due to his age. The plane has some extra spare parts and also a complete engine as a spare comming from another Miles Magister accidented in the South . I think this is a great piece for a museum. I´m attaching some pictures and short videos. There are only 3 Magisters in flying order in the world. This one flies almost all weekends and has the certify (337) updated. There are no extra costs on removing the wings. There are no extra costs on the shipping coordination (I do everything).
    film link

    also see
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    The Magister was available for trade sonething like twelve years ago.-I think.they wanteda Chipmunk in exchange.

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    Yes this Argentine “Maggie” was offered for sale some years back, but the latest advert seems to repeat OOD info on the number of airworthy examples surviving as the are four in the U.K.
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