Dear All,

I am having an enforced (by the one who must be obeyed) clear out of the book cupboard. I have quite a large amount of books magazines etc dating from about 1930 to about 1970 that I have not looked at in years and really needs to go to a good home. I am not trying to sell them I just want them to be treasured as much as I have over the years.

In this post I will list a few of the official documents to see what sort of a response I get. If favourable then I will list all the other stuff in a later post.

So here goes, (in no particular order),

1. Aero Engineering, this looks to be a late 1930s publication of about 840 pages. Some damage to binding and spine.
2. Air Publication 1480A Part 1 Section A to D Recognition Handbook of British Aircraft dated 1941. In good condition.
3. Air Publication 1525P & Q. Anson T Mk 2, 21 and C Mk 21, Last amendment dated 1963 Original publication date 1954. Spine poor otherwise OK
4. Standard Technical Training Notes for the Electrical (Air) Trade AP 3275A, dated 1967. Good condition
5. Air Publication 4512A Volume 1 Book 1 Sect 1 to 4. Beverley CMk 1 General and Technical Information. Dated 1956 Good condition.
6. Air Publication 4512A Volume 6 Beverley CMk 1. Repair and reconditioning Instructions. Good condition.
7. Air Publication AP 101B-1301-1 formerly AP4347F Vol 1. Hunter FMk 6 Aircraft Servicing Manual. Dated Oct 1967.

There are lots more to come but that will do for starters.

I am happy (ish) to part with these, all I ask is for postage and packing to be paid for. Please bear in mind that some of these tomes are quite large and heavy so postage from NL to UK will probably quite expensive.

If anyone is interested in any of the above please let me know via PM or on the open forum and I will make the necessary arrangements.

Also Mods, please delete if this breaks any forum rules.