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Thread: NH90, yay or nay?

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    Apr 2013
    hah, yeah the alphajet and c160 were fine (sort of).
    its more of these late/post cold-war collabs that tend to suck. no decisive threat leading to diverging interests and goals.

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    Issue is the NH is much bigger than the legacy Lynx . Tolerances in the hangar on ships that used to operate the lynx are subsequently much less than it used to be, which is a concern when the NH is parked in those hangar in rough seas. The Norwegian are requesting the supplier to certify those tolerances.
    Am not sure how valid a demand that is, might be depending on the contract I guess. But obviously the earlier delays make relationship to supplier quiet tense. they didn't, like, take measurements beforehand?

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    6,336 they didn't, like, take measurements beforehand?
    Its not just exactly that. It also has to do with safety protocols when pulling the helios in nd out of the Hangar. The thing is just too unstable on its own MLG during bad condition. So in that respect, the helios would have no problem fit inside in good condition.
    It also has to do with when the NH-90 is strapped down. The Airframe Tear nd Wear is simply too much of what it can handle, you end up getting too much futige in eye securing fasteners on the helio, which only spread out elsewhere on the airframe. This only coinsist with reports that the floor and doors are too thin and fragile designed for Maritime operation..
    We can all see where this is going..
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    Apr 2013
    check out the news thread.

    Belgium is having mad problems with their NH90. Mad problems!

    such a shame.. its probably the most beautiful looking of the new gen of helicopters (well a lot of them are good looking.. Mi-38, EH101.. but not the Surion)

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    Apr 2013
    giving more credence to the idea that collaboration with the Germans in the post-cold war era is a bad idea..

    latest news is that the German Navy rejected their latest frigate due to bad engineering!
    it seems the quality of German military engineers has gone down with all these issues plaguing various weapons
    (at least the Leopards are still good..although it seems didn't perform so well in Syria or the Turks are poor drivers)

    Lesson for customers wanting a Western European helicopter.. buy British, Italian, or pure French. Maybe Polish if your poor.

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    Latest news on the Belgian's trouble with their NH90


    Belgium’s fleet of naval variant NHIndustries NH90s has been removed from operations while a problem with the helicopters’ radar system is rectified, the Belgian Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed to Jane’s on 16 January.
    Three of the four NH90 NATO Frigate Helicopters (NFH) operated by the Belgian Air Component (BAC) are currently undergoing a factory-level modification to the European Navy Radar (ENR), while the fourth is undergoing a major overhaul.

    “The ‘situation’ [with the radar] was already known when the first helicopters were delivered [in 2013], so [we] were prepared for it,” an MoD spokesperson told Jane’s , adding that the navy’s Sea King and Alouette III helicopters can fill any capability gaps, as can NH90s from either France or the Netherlands.

    The confirmation that all four of the BAC’s NH90 NFH helicopters are currently out of service comes on the back of Belgian media reports that the MoD is far from happy with the NHIndustries consortium of Airbus Helicopters (62.5%), Leonardo (32%), and Fokker Aerostructures (5.5%) over the issue.

    “Everything went wrong from delivery,” BAC commander General Frederik Vansina, was quoted by Flemish VRT Radio on 12 January as saying, adding, “There are indeed penalty clauses included in the contract and NHIndustries [is paying] them, but we do not yet have a deployable helicopter.” Airbus Helicopters, the majority stakeholder in the international consortium, directed all questions to NHIndustries, which did not respond to a request for comment.

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    Apr 2013
    never had a deployable helicopter..
    problems from day 1

    not very good.

    I wonder which of the NH90 customers will be the first to replace them (not completely unfeasible as Austria is going to replace their Typhoons)

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    Nov 2010
    Norway has concluded that its NH90 fleet of 14 could not provide the required flying hours. Oslo says that to meet the requirements for both the navy and coastguard, it needs 5,400 flight hours a year from the entire fleet. But an analysis performed by the armed forces suggests that availability is only 2,100h a year.

    On the other hand, Sweden might ground half of its fleet of NH90 due to high costs. The super puma they used previously, was retired at only around 7,000 hours, when commercial oil and gas super pumas regularly surpass 25,000 flight hours. Were the super pumas retired prematurely just to have a brand new helicopter?

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    NI, UK
    giving more credence to the idea that collaboration with the Germans in the post-cold war era is a bad idea..
    Well given the excellent history of Bölkow's helicopters it might have been better for everyone if the Bo 125 hadn't gone multinational...

    As originally proposed as Euro-UTTAS. But then each customer country wanted some input and workshare and we ended-up with the redesigned-by-committee NH.90

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    Jan 2018
    its like every month, we hear new stories of customers being frustrated with their NH-90 purchase.

    looks like Sweden will have to pull the super pumas they retired early, back into service!

    and to the top comment, I agree, the germans (if not collaborating) make nice things.

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    Mar 2016
    Sweden ordered NH-90s which were delayed and delayed and delayed.
    So some Blackhawks were acquired as well, when the waiting time became intolerable.
    It was revealed the other week that the NH-90s CPFH is 5 times higher than that of the Blackhawks.
    The spares are extremely expensive.

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