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Thread: Chaff/Flare dispensers in western aircraft during the 80s

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    Chaff/Flare dispensers in western aircraft during the 80s

    I was wondering if western aircraft in the 80s like the F-4E , F-15, F-16A/C were exported to client states like turkey, Egypt and japan with chaff and dispensers?
    was it standard on all versions ? or only on certain specific upgrades

    Also did the soviet aircraft of 80s like Mig-23ML,MLD, Mig-23P,Mig-25PDS ,MiG-29 had chaff/flare dispensers ?

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    In the 80’s yes, Israel did not have countermeasures on their A-4’s or F-4s at the start of 1973 war. They developed their own as well. Most Israeli aircraft probably had their own fitted by the 80’s

    Soviet exports had chaff/flare dispensers cause the US ended up testing them in the 4477th TES. Egyptian F-16’s had them as well- AN/ALE-40V. Quite a few of the F-4E’s to Turkey were Ex-USAF birds, going to guess they had them as well.
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    The RAF used to shove the chaff into the airbrakes on the Buccaneer, Harrier and F4 before they got actual dispensers, the RAF Harriers used that during the Falklands War I believe, we only fitted them to the Jaguar on the front line in Germany in the early eighties, we had a Phimat pod with a ballast weight on the stb outer pylon with an ECM on the port side outer. About this time we had two dispensers added on the underside near the engine oil access panels for flares and I think chaff.

    Re Falklands chaff

    Harrier and F4


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    Buccaneers had the AN/ALE 40 system fitted late in their service life.
    Originally the dispensers were fitted under the rear of the engine nacelles, until it was realised that the IR flares were being fired directly in line with the fuel jettison pipe.

    The solution was to fit the Chaff/Window dispensers on the inboard side of the outboard pylons, and the Flare dispensers under the tail area , just in front of the airbrake assembly. I was well aquainted with the system as my task on an O.T.R. servicing was to check and replace the dispensers.

    There was also a trial fit of the Phimat pod, on the Buccaneer. I helped manufacture the necessary adapter leads to enable the Buccaneer to operate the pod. I believe the trial was fairly successful, but it never progressed any further.


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