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Thread: Is the Twin Pioneer G-APRS at Coventry being scrapped?

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    Yes maybe I'm a romantic, but don't tell me that we don't need Merlin power. For over 30 years I've spread the word, being a person others come to when they see a historic but didn't know what they saw, to explain what it was with a history or operator.Been to museums all over the world, bringing new people to the hobby we enjoy. So don't Diss my enthusiasm .

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    Being knowledgeable doesn't necessarily make you right, especially when you miss the point by a wide mark. What Shorty01 was getting at is that a good proportion of people on this forum concentrate on other types that don't have a Merlin up front - and thats fine. The world will still turn. But out there in that world people aren't going to give you the amount of support needed to purchase, restore and operate that type. Airbase/Classic Flight found that out with Classic Air Force, as did I when I was trying hard to sell the Shackleton as a project to anyone who stopped long enough to listen.

    The hard fact is enthusiasm only gets you so far. Then you need money.


    (and seriously....'diss'...?)

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    His Diss is in Norfolk, I suspect he meant dis(respect)....

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    Thanks RichW_82, I'm not disrespecting a fellow enthusiast, just pointing out we are a minority interest group and what does it for us doesn't necessarily do it for the general public who will only get behind something that significantly stirs their interest. To them we are no different to Steam Train enthusiasts or MG owners etc. As they say in "The Right Stuff", "no bucks , no Buck Rogers". I too have found myself the person people go to when curious about something in vintage aviation they don't recognise and try to educate people to the best of my ability. They tend to be interested but not to the point of getting their wallets out.

    Sadly as time goes on and the WW2, 50s & 60s period moves out of living history people will become even more unaware of our subject of interest. I was horrified at the Eastbourne airshow a few years ago as I stood next to to the BBMF stall I overheard one person saying to their companion something like "The Battle of Britain? who did we have that with? was it the Germans or the French?", "Dun know, was it before or after the second world war?" came the reply.

    Anyway I have a slightly different problem now with Merlins in that since Boultbee set up shop at Goodwood my youngsters aren't impressed by Spitfires so much as they see one go over their playground most days, even more common than the resident Harvard ! I suppose it's a nice problem to have.
    It's the one you don't see that gets you (usually)...

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    Just to steer this thread back on to the original subject...

    but does anyone know what is happening to the airframe for sure - or have further pictures of the dismantling?

    Thanks, Anon.

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