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Thread: This Months Flypast Magazine

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    This Months Flypast Magazine

    Anyone else notice the unfortunate description in the Havoc Story? The image was described as something like a stunning or superb image of the Havoc at war or similar ( I haven't got the copy with me) when the unfortunate image is actually showing the death of a Havoc crew.

    This one

    Sequence below

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    I have it in front of me, it says "Spectacular image of a 312th Bomb Group A-20G at work, New Guinea, 1944." A strange caption given it's a widely known photo. Most people familiar with the photo knows it's the moment that a crew died.

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    That's it, it struck me as what a thing to say about an image showing two known crew dying.

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    Flypast magazine has become an UTTERLY amateur publication in my experience. It’s become comic book in both content and presentation in the last decade or so, more than ever before.
    I’ll await the flaming by the diehards.
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    You are very far from wrong there. I was a Flypast reader from the very start and looked forward to every issue but I buy it now only very occasionally. Sometimes I see a news story or an article only Flypast would include but largely its overall quality is poor. I do think Aeroplane Monthly has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years but it lacks the breadth of news stories in Flypast. I do wonder for how much longer Flypast and Aeroplane will continue as separate publications given their broadly similar target readership.

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    After reading the story, it came across to me that an editor...or layout person in charge of captions...did't realize the photo showed an aircraft hitting the water, mistaking it for a bomb blast.

    I might be wrong, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
    There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.

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    My guess it's only the fact that Key sell twice as much advertising with two magazines that keeps them separate. This can only work if enough people buy both publications (hence the alternate timing of publication). If they pitch it right, they may well be able to do a 'best of both' but it would need more advertising and would need to cost more to sustain revenue, as they won't double readership that way. Not saying that cutting out some of the weaker stuff while adopting the more grown-up tone of Aeroplane applied to Flypast's breadth wouldn't make it worth a punt to some people (like me) who buy neither at the moment.
    It's all good. Probably.

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    I rarely buy either now, only if there is an article that interests me. I used to read the news pages avidly but with forums and social media there's far more news available as it happens so by the time it hits the magazine, it's several weeks old!

    I did like the article on the DW1 in Aeroplane though


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