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Thread: The range of ELINT / SIGINT aircraft?

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    The range of ELINT / SIGINT aircraft?

    Y-8JBisbelieved to have beenfitted with aBM/KZ800ELINT system (frequency 1-18GHz, range 300km)



    High-altitude, manned reconnaissance aircraft. Unrefueled range is 4,600 nautical miles, ceiling is 90,000 feet. The U-2 carries two high-resolution imaging film cameras as well as SENIOR YEAR high-resolution electro-optical system (range 120 km), an advanced SAR radar system (range 180 kms) and SENIOR GLASS COMINT and ELINT systems range 280 km).

    "Ту-214Р – это новое слово России в радиоэлектронной разведке. Самолет, который находится в небе на высоте 10 тысяч метров, "видит" все вокруг на расстоянии 400-450 километров, вся воздушная обстановка отражается на дисплее. Кроме того, в отличие от спутников разведки, этот самолет способен "вскрывать" на земле тяжелую технику, "крупное железо" и давать ему четкую характеристику даже при плотной облачности. Если под двухметровым слоем земли находится укрытие с бронетехникой, то радиоэлектроника, установленная на Ту-214Р, позволяет это обнаружить.

    "Tu-214R is a new word of Russia in radio electronic reconnaissance.The aircraft, which is in the sky at an altitude of 10 thousand meters," sees "everything at a distance of 400-450 kilometers, the whole air situation is reflected on the display. satellites of reconnaissance, this aircraft is able to "open" heavy equipment on the ground, "large iron" and give it a clear description even in dense clouds. If under a two-meter layer of ground there is a shelter with armored vehicles, radio electronics installed on the Tu-214P allow it to be detected .«brehni»-NATO

    An airliner-sized surveillance aircraft the Rivet Joint contains equipment to monitor electronic signals and voice communications at ranges of up to 149 miles (240 km).

    I have some questions
    How is the range detect affected by the altitude! Does U2 have an electronic intelligent range farther than RC 135 though it's outdated? Because U2 has higher ceiling than RC135

    ELINT and COMINT intercept operations against targets at ranges of up to 240 kilometers [in contrast to the 280 kilometer intercept range of the higher-flying U-2]

    Why US lags behind Russia and China in ELINT/EW capabilities?

    US lags behind Russia, China in electronic warfare capabilities
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    "Range" of ELINT and COMINT assets is well... Same as radar range. In which modes? Against which types o emitters? etc. etc. Unless one have calibrated conditions, do not mean a lot. (and even so, cited conditions could advantage an asset or another)

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    generally passive system will have longer detection range than active system (radar, etc) due to favorable physics. Higher altitude will help the system to see farther.

    However. Range will be affected by the sensitivity of the system too. and sensitivity itself a function of computational power. High altitude might offer longer range BUT it also expose the sensor to heavy pulse traffic which need to be processed, and not including possible natural or man made noise. This will limit the usable sensitivity and later interception range, classification and geolocating ability.

    J.Lynch's book "Introduction to RF stealth" offers analysis method for ELINT/ESM system and how to quantify performance. It's pretty math heavy tho so i haven't tried alot of methods described there.

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    Am i the only one realize that OP always give some random performance figures of military equipment in a non specific scenario from random blog and websites, as a way to push his nationalistic agenda ("Russia/China STRONK! NATO WEAK!" narrative) while pretending to ask questions?
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