Officially endorsed by the Royal Air Force, RAF Aircraft & Weapons 2017 describes all the aircraft and weapons in current Royal Air Force service. A 100-page special magazine, it also takes a look at the RAF Regiment’s vehicles and weapons, and examines some of the specialist ground equipment essential to day-to-day flying operations.

Individual aircraft types described, with sections on role and capability, plus detailed type history

Every entry includes the very best in photography from official and industry sources

Specification, service operator and service variants tables complete every aircraft entry

Future aircraft, including P-8 Poseidon and the new UK Military Flying Training System machines are all included

Aircraft weapons, including ASRAAM, Brimstone and Storm Shadow described, with a look ahead to the long-range Meteor air-to-air missile

RAF Regiment weapons, including small arms, sniper rifles, mortars and missiles described and illustrated

Discover the RAF Regiment’s vehicles, including the battle proven ATV, Jackal and Mastiff

RAF specialist ground support vehicle fleet revealed

and much more!

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