Shackleton AEW.2: Cold War Sentinel
Group Captain David Greenway (ret’d) talks to Dr Kevin Wright about the Shackleton AEW.2 in RAF service.

Spectacular RIAT
Peter R Foster reviews this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo.

Concorde: The Legend and the Innovations
Robin Evans investigates how the unique problems posed by the development of Concorde required exceptional solutions, many of which are now commonplace in modern aircraft.

Ben Gurion Airport: Israel’s International Gateway

Noam Menashe describes the fascinating history and recent developments of Israel’s biggest airport.

Gulfstream Evolution
Rod Simpson examines the different variants of Gulfstream business jets, some of which are used for the special missions role.

Mustangs vs Yaks: Korean Duels
Warren Thompson details three USAF Mustang pilots’ accounts of air combat in the Korean War.


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