Following on from my daughter's second model, a Spitfire PR.1G diorama ( see below ), I decided her next project needed some scratch building. Inspired after seeing the Fokker Triplane replica at Breighton, we decided that a diorama of Snoopy verses the Red Baron would be a good to do. The idea of framing it behind glass was to protect it and keep the dust off. She's done great deal of the build herself, with lots of guidance, and some parts holding or assisting alignment. She shaped Snoopy's head, though left me to do the helmet and goggles, and I did the lower body.

2nd build, the Spitfire PR.1G. Spread over two years, the build was started when she was 5.

First build, Red Arrows Hawk, started just before her 4th birthday.

What's next? She has a 1/144 scale B-17 that I'm going to let her try without any assistance, other than advice, then a 1/72 Dambuster Lanc that was gifted to her. We intend to frame that, along with a picture of her great granddad who was involved in working on the spotlights for the dambuster Lancs.