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As Britain’s longest established monthly aviation journal, Aviation News is renowned for providing the best coverage of every branch of aviation. Each issue has the latest news and in-depth features, plus firsthand accounts from pilots putting you in the cockpit and illustrated with the very best photography. Covering both modern military and civil aircraft as well as classic types from yesteryear, Aviation News covers subjects from World War Two, through the Cold War years to present day and beyond. Now incorporating JETS magazine, Aviation News brings you the best of both magazines.


Eurofighter Typhoon: Country-by-Country Analysis
Six nations operate the Euro fighter Typhoon and another two have placed orders. Meanwhile sales campaigns are running in many more, as Jon Lake explains.

Captain Mike Bannister: My Concorde Career
Editor Dino Carrara spoke to Captain Mike Bannister, former chief pilot on Concorde with British Airways, who gave some fascinating insights into the supersonic airliner.

Digital ‘Dinosaur’ – Upgrading a Legend
Tom Kaminski considers the latest developments and plans to improve the capabilities of the B-52H.

The 748: A British Success Story
Stephen Skinner examines the development of a turboprop that achieved success in both airline and military service.

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