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Thread: Korea's KF-X: News & Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSR View Post
    This process is 2013 for building those GaN MMIC. It will be obsolete by the time KFX enter service with obsolete engines.
    1. The US had 0.25 μm tech long before 2013, obviously Korea isn't on the level of Qorvo
    2.There is a difference between proving a tech and that tech having a good enough yield to be cost effective
    3. Because Radars/Fighters take so long to develop and semiconductors improve so quickly there is no Radar that has been operational with the very latest processes.
    4. Just because 0.25 μm gate-length isn't cutting-edge that isn't the same as being obsolete. It also doesn't make the Radar itself obsolete.
    5. Just because the Radar doesn't have the very best technology doesn't mean it's not worth perusing to improve domestic industry.

    I don't even know why I'm even replying to you when you will never change your mind.

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    the point I am making is atleast on paper you can aim for newer technology for some thing that will enter service 20 years down the road. by that time it will be equipped with 40 year old technology.
    The PAK FA radar system consists of a prospective AFAR X-band in the nose, two side-view radars, and a L-band AFAR along the flaps.

    Today CRET also works on the creation of a radio-optical radar for PAK FA. The concern intends to create a full-scale sample of the radar station of the future until 2018.

    Photonic technologies will allow to expand the radar's possibilities - to reduce the mass more than twice, and to increase the resolution tens of times. Such radars with radio-optical phased array antennas are able to make a kind of "X-ray image" of aircraft located at a distance of more than 500 kilometers and give their detailed, three-dimensional image. This technology allows you to look inside the object, find out what technique it carries, how many people are in it, and even to see their faces.

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    Tango III already put this on Aviation News thread, but I put it again in this thread on pointed out that the difference need from ROKAF for internal bay (to make it more stealthly) and Indonesian TNI-AU to have more longer flight endurance, does not mean that definetely there're going to be 2 seperate version of KFX (with internal bay), and IFX (which use the space as additional fuel tanks for longger endurance), as the article stated.

    The final design for Block 1 is not final yet, but from what I heard on unofficial report..the designers still try to find away to meet both ROKAF and TNI-AU need.

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    Indonesia factor may postpone KF-X project
    By Kim Hyo-jin

    Indonesia has failed to pay its annual share of expenses for a joint project with South Korea to develop high-tech fighter jets, an opposition lawmaker claimed Wednesday.

    The claim prompted concerns the project, dubbed KF-X, could be suspended.

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    Video frm Air Recognition on Hanwha parts of KFX Avionics.

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