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Thread: Avro Shackleton WR963 Project Thread

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    Oct 2017
    So...who watched the live feed then?

    Saturday was amazing. A busy day but very productive and a great way to end the season.

    We got to Coventry early, hopeful for a cold clear day so we could methodically work through the list of jobs needing to be done. Unfortunately we were greeted by drizzle. Freezing cold drizzle. First tasks were the usual safety and maintenance checks, spinner locks, control locks, check for water in the fuel, rotate the props by hand once to drain the water from the spinners, remove the wheel and other covers...all little jobs but all essential. We then moved onto checking the priming pumps and booster coils, these have let us down in the past and caused a 3 or even 2 engine run, something we didn't want to happen.

    Everything checked out fine, so while the shop was getting tidied ready for our guests, we waited for the fuel to arrive. We took on around 700 litres or 100LL Avgas, plenty for this run and the next couple. We calculate fuel figures based on what is left in the tanks to ensure even fuel loads in the tanks, it helps while she's sitting to keep the weight even. After priming the injectors there wasn't much to do other than talk to our guests and wait for Dusk.

    We were very lucky to meet Roger Steggall, an ex crew member who had clocked up over 56 flights on WR963, so listening to his stories was certainly a privilege, we hope to have him back early next year to take his old seat during a run.

    After the Nimrod shut down, it was our turn. 30 minutes of Noise, and a very sweet running Shackleton. slightly grumpy on Number 1 and 4 engines, but they soon smoothed out and the run couldn't have been better.

    The last picture we took before leaving -

    So what next for 963? Not much this year. We'll be back down at Coventry on the 16th, fitting all the covers and making sure she's safe and sound, ready for our Christmas break...then it's off to the Oak at Baginton for a well deserved beer with all the crew.

    We have big plans for 2018, things we've never done before! I don't want to ruin the surprise so you'll have to wait and see in the new year, but it's sure going to be fun!

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    thanks for putting in the effort, maybe a low sunset next time please

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    May 2006
    Just S of Stansted TMZ Fairsted
    Well done you lot its been a heavy 2017 for you all, look forward to next years updates.
    TA out

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    Sep 2014
    I'm watching an engine run of WR963 right now on Facebook 'Live'. All four appear to be turning!

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    May 2009
    Rindge NH USA
    Spring is on the way,,,,, looking forward to whats done in the coming yr.

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    Sep 2010
    Ok firstly apologies for being quiet lately. There has been a fair few things ongoing in the background.

    So to kick off, we had a Dusk Run for members of the Time Line Events photographers. All four engines running with no major snags to report. For what was in no uncertain terms an arctic feeling day with driving winds. Everyone attended and enjoyed the run.

    The team conducted a quick 'warm up' run a few hours prior to the main event. This allowed us to get everything checked out and ensure we had no problems come 'show time'.

    This warm up can be seen here:

    We then prepped the aircraft ready for the evening run, sitting down for a nice warm brew while the TLE Photographers set up and got some daylight shots.

    Then onto the main event. Again we filmed parts of it for those who missed it, but you really have to be there next time to truly appreciate the awesomeness of the aircraft.

    After the successful run, '963 was wrapped up ready for bed.

    If you want to see more of our videos as we take them, including items on various engineering tasks, Engine runs and interviews. Please drop by and subscribe to our YouTube channel:

    or visit our website at

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    Apr 2018
    So two things to address.

    New Profile

    Firstly we at the Shackleton Aviation Group have a new Key Publishing Forum profile. We will be using this for any and all official notifications and updates.

    There may still be updates from associated friends but this profile will be keeping on top of things.

    Ground Runs a plenty

    Secondly, on the 7th April, members of the Shackleton Aviation Group once again made their way to the airfield to make some Griffon noise.

    Another successful run was carried out with some CSU (Constant Speed Unit) exercising completed. This should happen every couple of hours during normal operation. As we don't run as long as they did in service. We do this every couple of runs.

    After this was done, we brought her up to a gentle 1200 RPM for a few minutes. Finally bringing them back down to shutdown.

    On shut down we noticed a slight oil leak on number 4.

    Panels off and a good route around soon found the potential cause.

    One of the oil breather catch tanks had become blocked which seemingly forced pressure back up the system to find a path of least resistance. This happened to be an area around the rocker cover where a securing nut had been left undone on the last engine overhaul.

    This allowed the smallest of gaps to form and sprayed a fine mist of oil into the engine panels. Slowly pooling until reaching a ledge it could escape from.

    From the amount of oil that was found it has been continuing for some time on and off. Layers of old oil had been found in the deepest of corners of the front panels.

    As it was not possible to notice when carrying out the regular cleaning of the filters. It would only have been found if we had decided to remove all engine panels encasing the engine. Until that point, no-one would have known until our findings today. Top top it off oil consumption wouldn't have let us know as it was keeping with what we expect for our operations.

    Needless to say, the breather has been removed for a full clean and flush through, the loose nuts tightened with others checked and all panels removed, cleaned and replaced.

    Run number 2 in as many weeks

    Again today, members attended for another run. Luckily, for the first time in a long time, weather was on our side and the sun shined bright.

    Due to the previous weeks problem the Oil Breather Catch Tank was still off for cleaning and a bit of inspection. So in order to prevent any residual oil splattering the inside of the engine panel, we removed the panel directly opposite, allow a direct route to the open air.

    Another issue that was found was the padding underneath the main control panel that was in place to prevent you from bashing your back as you move between the nose and the rest of the aircraft has retained water from a leak above, just in front of the cockpit windscreen. In the past it had be refurbished with leatherette and padding. Sadly this leatherette retained the water and the padding absorbed it all.

    This has now been removed and will be correctly refurbished and refitted. The source of the leak is now being traced and will also be repaired to prevent future problems.

    After numerous ground runs of all four engine including the run the week prior. Engine number 3 decided it didn't want to play today. The usual pre-start checks were carried out including levels and booster coil checks. It was primed as required for the temperature and turned a number of times, but sadly just didn't want to start.

    On initial inspection nothing obvious was found to be at fault. But upon the teams next visit a deeper investigation will be carried out.

    Until then i hope you all will continue to follow both on this thread and on our Facebook and Instagram profiles as well as on our YouTube Channels.
    Last edited by WR963; 17th April 2018 at 00:09.

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    Sep 2014
    I noticed a couple of Shackleton prop blades on Ebay today, and it reminded me of the theft of blades reported earlier in this thread.

    Both blades are clipped:

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    Nov 2009
    Running for the border
    One's a resale, the other (Ashby Aero) is a chap who we know who is a long time collector of parts. The ones that were stolen were in immaculate condition, they were brand new unused blades.

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