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Thread: Avro Shackleton WR963 Project Thread

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    Oct 2017
    So...who watched the live feed then?

    Saturday was amazing. A busy day but very productive and a great way to end the season.

    We got to Coventry early, hopeful for a cold clear day so we could methodically work through the list of jobs needing to be done. Unfortunately we were greeted by drizzle. Freezing cold drizzle. First tasks were the usual safety and maintenance checks, spinner locks, control locks, check for water in the fuel, rotate the props by hand once to drain the water from the spinners, remove the wheel and other covers...all little jobs but all essential. We then moved onto checking the priming pumps and booster coils, these have let us down in the past and caused a 3 or even 2 engine run, something we didn't want to happen.

    Everything checked out fine, so while the shop was getting tidied ready for our guests, we waited for the fuel to arrive. We took on around 700 litres or 100LL Avgas, plenty for this run and the next couple. We calculate fuel figures based on what is left in the tanks to ensure even fuel loads in the tanks, it helps while she's sitting to keep the weight even. After priming the injectors there wasn't much to do other than talk to our guests and wait for Dusk.

    We were very lucky to meet Roger Steggall, an ex crew member who had clocked up over 56 flights on WR963, so listening to his stories was certainly a privilege, we hope to have him back early next year to take his old seat during a run.

    After the Nimrod shut down, it was our turn. 30 minutes of Noise, and a very sweet running Shackleton. slightly grumpy on Number 1 and 4 engines, but they soon smoothed out and the run couldn't have been better.

    The last picture we took before leaving -

    So what next for 963? Not much this year. We'll be back down at Coventry on the 16th, fitting all the covers and making sure she's safe and sound, ready for our Christmas break...then it's off to the Oak at Baginton for a well deserved beer with all the crew.

    We have big plans for 2018, things we've never done before! I don't want to ruin the surprise so you'll have to wait and see in the new year, but it's sure going to be fun!

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    thanks for putting in the effort, maybe a low sunset next time please

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    Well done you lot its been a heavy 2017 for you all, look forward to next years updates.
    TA out

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