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  • Very vague and poorly substantiated article, but here's how I understand it in a nutshell:

    - the project is likely to continue, the developer/OKB remains in charge but the production plant is switched from KAPO to UZGA
    - issues caused by underfunding, mismanagement and power struggles...
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  • Trident
    replied to USAF T-X
    I think the three final contenders would all have been fit for purpose - the USAF was pretty much spoilt for choice and couldn't have gone wrong.

    Aesthetically, I actually liked the Boeing entry best (so I'm pretty pleased), but it's still a bit of a shame the M346 didn't make it. Would've...
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  • Since this thread appears to be otherwise dead, I'll dare to continue the variable cycle discussion.

    Well, let's say the bypass ratio variation from the wider speed/altitude envelope is 1.5x greater on the M53 than the CFM56 - i.e. we only consider the altitude effect because...
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