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  • Since this thread appears to be otherwise dead, I'll dare to continue the variable cycle discussion.

    Well, let's say the bypass ratio variation from the wider speed/altitude envelope is 1.5x greater on the M53 than the CFM56 - i.e. we only consider the altitude effect because...
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  • J58.

    Kaveri? I doubt it. And the M53 is not really a variable cycle engine either. It has an adjustable bypass/core exhaust mixer area, but that's a transient stability measure for the fan. Because of the unique single shaft configuration with the LP & HP compressor rotating at the...
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  • Trident
    replied to 2018 F-35 News and Discussion
    Fair enough. Crude reckoning with CPFH based on a quick google search: ($20k CPFH/F-16 * 250 FH/year/aircraft * 10 years * 2k aircraft) * 10% is 10 billion $. Adding F-35 concurrency cost, you have in excess of $11 billion to pay for a $5 billion SLEP plus avionics upgrades (some of which, like AESA radar with a 4 - 10x i...
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  • Isn't at least the F-16 still cheaper to operate than the F-35?

    It does.

    By "weight". What weight? OEW? Bare structure excluding engines & equipment? Typhoon does have more composites than the Su-57 (or most other fighters, for that matter) but - on a like-for-like basis - nowhere near double. For that to...
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