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  • If you refer to the exhaustive video on the conference held on the SCAF program (see on SCAF thread) TEMPEST and SCAF have the exact same approach (system of sytem) and feature the same tricks & systems. I was personnaly struck that even the "wording" seems the same in both program. There is obviously a common...
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  • If the UK fail to attract partners for Tempest, it will be in a good position to join SCAF albeit not in a lead position. Regarding engine technology they would certainly bring a significant contribution which could be a good leverage to negotiate a nice share of the program.
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  • You forgot the Franco-Greman SCAF in the options. The UK would have much more clout with the SCAF than with the NGAD + Airbus is willing to partner with BAE.
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  • I wouldn't discard the possibility of joining US NGAD or Franco-German SCAF if they don't find foreign partners. Tempest program is a bet. And even if the UK fails to attract foreign partners it would be in a better position to negotiate a bigger share in NGAD or SCAF, but they will have to abdicate the lead in...
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