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Kemble Air Day - Sunday 18th June 2006

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    Kemble Air Day - Sunday 18th June 2006

    Nothing new for the hardened enthusiast at Kemble today and the forecast clear skies + 30 degrees deteriorated into high overcast cloud all day. However, this was a very nicely balanced show with something for everyone, vintage, modern, military and civil. The RAF Tornado had to abort his take-off due to an afterburner failure and the highlight of the show was the RNZAF Boeing 757 which was definately a coup for Kemble. Well done Glen + team!

    Seems funny that I saw the Black cats take off to kemble at Manston brilliant shots there

    Off topic sad news about Sea Hawks Mate Sea Fury on saturday it hit a gull receiving a nasty dent in the nose today it flew back to Yeovilton for some repair work.

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    Looking forward to the 2010 airshow Season



      Speaking as one of Glen's "crew" and just back from a long, hard, and very tiring weekend working there - I just thought I would add a few comments

      I was Airside all day on security over the far side, positioned right under the flying display line - which would have meant a few amazing shots had my camera been accessible at the right moment Apart from the rather un-nerving experience of seeing everything heading directly at me all day - highlight for me was the low pass by the RNZAF 757 which shot over my head at very little altitude and seemingly banking to avoid an adjacent hanger roof I was nearly ducking for cover - but boy was it
      Tornado aborted alongside me on take-off - typical tonkas (I used to work on em remember). Sparrows aborted their display due to not one but 2 incursions on Kemble airspace Sad to see the Fouga going - nice but quirky little beast (with equally nice but quirky
      Liked that R/C US Coastguard Herc (1/7th scale) - having seen it close up on the ground - but it did fly a tad fast for scale...but made up for it by dropping dummies on
      Cracking display by the Sea Hawk - glad to see it around again

      All in all - well worth my weekend down there - despite the really long hours on duty - but thats fine cuz I volunteered... Can't wait for the next one now
      Pete Buckingham
      Former RAF Engineer
      Volunteer in Aviation


        You really need to change your signiture at the bottom of your posts Pete!! To much gloating there


          Great pix as ever from DB on another thread...think I'll put mine here, I've given up on moving targets !

          Albert, great to meet with you at last, look forward to a longer chat next time !

          PS did anyone get a shot of G-BSEU - I was in too much of a rush to get the bus across & back !
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            Love the pictures of Ultimate High Extra's and the Bulldog, any idea who was flying them ? Anna
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              Ultimate High Extras and Bulldogs

              They were flown by:
              Robert Miller
              Charlie Mcilroy
              John Taylor
              Mark Grigg

              Interestingly other Ultimate High pilots were flying the Spitfire:
              Bill Perrins
              and the Delta Jets Hunters:
              Andy Cubin
              Brian Cornes
              Steve Hicks

              BTW did anybody get any pics of the Ultimate High Formation?