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Shuttleworth - Good positions to stand in for photography?

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  • olly_s
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    Shuttleworth - Good positions to stand in for photography?

    Hi all, its my first Shuttleworth airshow this weekend (I cant really believe it either - all those years on the planet and never not once been haha). I was wondering where a good position to stand is based on the weather for this Sunday? Its the Race Day and the weather says wind going south, so presumably aircraft will takeoff on rwy 03 and not 21? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Good Vibs
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    Yes, I'am also curious.
    Ideas or suggestions?


    • Paul F
      Retired Lawnmower Racer

      I haven't been to Shuttleworth for a number of years, so don't know how the display line/fence line may have changed post-Shoreham, but good 'topside'/banked shots could be obtained from anywhere near the 'corner' of the crowd fence (just to the right of ATC). The gentle slope of the site down from hangars towards the main runway also means good shots of display passes can be taken from pretty much anywhere, so long as the camera/lens focal length is good enough.

      In October the sun tends to set behind your right hand shoulder (as you face the main runway/display axis), so take care if shooting towards the right hand end of the display line later in the afternoon - but shots directly across the main runway, or as aircraft pass over the threshold of 21 can be lit with a beautiful golden tint as the sun drops. Looking at google the fence line looks pretty much unchanged

      As I say, things may have changed since I last visited, and a quick l
      ook at google suggests the fence line looks pretty much unchanged - but
      my info may no longer be correct.

      Hope this helps.

      Paul F


      • RJH
        Rank 5 Registered User

        I think you have to decide whether you are going to try to get a place aginst the fence or choose somewhere fairly central in the main parking area. If you are against the fence I would think you will miss out on some great panning shots but can hopefully get some take offs and landings, assuming you can get a position clear of parked aircraft.

        If you look at the heading photo at the top of the Shuttleworth website "Travelling To Shuttleworth" page you will hopefully get a bit of an idea of what I mean. Somewhere in the middle of the cars at the top of the picture I think could be about right, as the aircraft tend to do a sweeping pass around the crowdline fence whilst doing a fly by. This is the beauty of Old Warden for photographs, you can actually get a topside pass - if that's the right term ?

        This has worked for me at the couple of airshows I have been to there in the last few years - the last time in June 2016. However, I haven't been to a Race Day so the flypasts may be a bit different for those ?

        I think the photo on the page below really does give a good idea of, or at least a good section of, the Old Warden airfield layout !

        Cheers - Ron


        • kenjohan
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          The Tank Bank was fine until this guy made an appearance. But that was years ago.


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