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Melun-Villaroche airshow 08 and 09-09-2018

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    Melun-Villaroche airshow 08 and 09-09-2018


    i had two days at this show and it was well worth it. Great flying. Some starter pictures

    The Sun was in front of you for the first couple of hours or so of the show but improved as the day went on. Flying was from 1pm to about 6.30pm though I left at about 5.40pm on Sunday.

    All the Jets apart from the solo Alpha Jet took off using the east/west runway. The propeller aircraft either took off or landed on either runway with some taking off one runway but then landing on the other and visa versa and not necessarily in the same sequence on either day.

    If the aircraft were using the east/ west runway there would not be much of a chance to get take off or landing shots. The moth/south runway being paralel to the runway was mostly good for taking photos for take offs. Taking landing shots however could still be dodgy as he crowd line did not extend far enough up runway for some.

    Th right hand end of the crowd line may have been good for taxiing aircraft and maybe a few take offs on the east/west runway but as I never went down that end I cannot be sure.

    Sunny with light winds either day though thee was some cloud building up toward the last couple of hours flying on Sunday.

    Getting out of the car park on Saturday was easy. There was a traffic jam but many people did not realise that there was another exit further down the field flowing freely, choosing instead quite naturally to exit the same way they came in.

    I did not bother taking photo of the static aircraft .

    Thanks for looking

    Martin Eames

    Zoom in (real dimensions: 1200 x 800)
    Martin Eames

    Great pictures and a nice line-up of aircraft!
    Possunt quia posse videntur (They can because they think they can; motto RAF 19 Squadron)