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Future for the batch 1 River Class

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    Future for the batch 1 River Class

    With HMS Severn being decommissioned after only 14 years of service and HMS Mersey and Clyde to follow in 2019 is there a future for these ships.

    I think if the 3 early ships were upgraded in line with Clyde as far as radar and all 4 ships were given a weapons upgrade they could make a very good addition to any small or mid sized navy. But who if anyone is in the running for these ships?

    Those ships still have a long useful life left.

    They could join their sisterships in Brazil (along with HMS Ocean)

    Bangladesh has a long history of taking over RN patrol ships.

    Philippines maybe? Would have said Chile, but they are bulding their own Fassmer OPV80s.

    Thailand would be a long shot...


      Why not give them to the Scottish Government to use alongside their Fisheries Protection Ships? Base them in Rosyth, Scotland pays for their upkeep, crew them with RN Volunteers of a northern descent. The RN could co-ordinate their patrols, freeing up a Type 23 or a Type 45. They stay within Scottish waters ... just a thought.


        There's a market for such ships. As said, Brazil bought the rejected Trinidadian OPVs, & Bangladesh has bought four ex-Italian navy Minerva class corvettes, re-equipped as OPVs.
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          I feel like the one who pours cold water on all thoughts these days...not a chance I'm afraid.

          Scotland is fearlessly protective of their fisheries protection service and has no interest in Royal Navy crewed vessels performing the role. So for Scotland to operate the Batch 1 River it would require a Scottish civilian crew. Therein lies the next problem with the idea, no doubt like the RFA the Scottish fisheries protection service has minimum habitability standards around the size of crew quarters and even access to natural light with a cabin that a River 1 won't meet. Next Scotland already has three perfectly modern fisheries protection vessels built to their requirements. Finally gifting the River 1 to Scotland offers no financial return to the UK treasury it would actually cost it more so it is a total non starter. Another issue where are these Northern based Royal Navy volunteers to crew these vessels for Scotland, the RN is already having to play musical chairs with the MCM force just to get the River Batch 2 into service there is no way they can spare people to crew vessels for the Scottish Fisheries protection service!

          As Swerve has pointed out there is a solid market for this class of vessel second hand, it is pretty easy to draw up a list of navies globally who would happily buy them if the price is right. There are possibilities in South America, the Middle East, Asia and even Eastern Europe to buy the Batch 1 and Clyde.
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