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Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

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  • SpecialOps
    Senior Member

    Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

    Due to a huge public demand Special Operations proudly presents
    (drumroll).........Asian Aircraft Retrofits AAR or Air to Air Refuling if you are a pilot from a rich country!

    No wonder I never get any work done, hope you guys will find me employment if I get the Old Spanish Archer (El Bow) from work!

    I am getting most of this info from Asian Defence Journal which is sent to me free every month! hahaha!

    Aussie upgrades

    F-111 Avionics Upgrade Programme

    Pave Tack and Raytheon AXQ-14 data link pods
    additional electronics for Harpoon
    Smiths Industries data transfer system (enables mission planning on a PC USING 256KBYTE disks)
    two Honeywell MFDs
    integrated communications navigation identification set
    Terrai following radar
    new AN/APQ-171 TFR
    New Lockheed Martin Digital Flight Control system

    F/A-18A/B Hornet upgrade phase 1a

    new APG-73 radar
    new EW suite
    helmet mounted cueing system
    ability to fire ASRAAM and AMRAAM
    basically it is turing their A/Bs into C/D Hornets!

    Indian Air Force

    The Jags are back!

    Jaguar upgrade
    new el-op HUD
    Sextant LCDs
    moving map display
    terrain map generator
    Elta airborne jammer
    Indian RWR
    Rafael ligening designation pod
    Smiths and HAL are working on mission computer

    MIG 21 upgrade their is already a thread on that which is doing a better job then I ever could!
    but says here they will be able to fire the R-73 and R-77 missiles, but the project is still late and delayed!

    MIG-27 upgrade

    New HUD
    LCD Displays
    airborne self protection jammer
    and refueling probe

    Pakistan Air Force
    Mirage 3/5 upgrades

    83 aircraft have ALL been completed in France and Kamra

    MAESTRO (modular avionics Enhancement system targeted for retrofit operations) same as Belguim Mirage 5 upgrade

    Grifo radar
    Uliss 92 INS/GPS
    TERCOR terrain macthinga and automatic terrain following radar
    combined with UTR-90 autopilot/low level terrain avoidance
    wide angle stroke and raster HUDs
    Circe 2001 mission planning system
    Night vision cockpit lighting and NVGs
    thermal imaging and FLIR
    laser range finder
    ATLAS 2 pods
    EW suite
    airborne jammer
    onboard oxygen geberation system
    single point pressure refueling
    Pakistani developed IRST sensor

    These babies are very advanced strike birds!

    Pakistan F-7

    Grifo radar
    french EW and avionics suite
    ability to fire magic/sidewinder and PL-5
    french nav attack
    martin baker mark 10 seats

    guys am knackered

    will post Indonesian, Sinapore and Thai upgrades later!


  • minmiester
    Senior Member

    RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

    You forgot the significant airframe work being done to both RAAF F-111s and RAAF Hornets. Should be able to squeeze an extra 3000 hours out of the F-111s and another 5000 out of the Hornets.
    The new designation for the RAAF F/A-18A/B Hornets is F/A-18A+/B+. (just thought u might wanna know). Also, the F-111 work included integration of the AGM-142 Raptor stand off missile, the F-111's only stand off weapon, apart from the Harpoon.



    • nitin
      Senior Member

      RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

      [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 16-Jan-01 AT 07:04 AM (GMT)[/font][p]duplicate!


      • nitin
        Senior Member

        RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

        [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 16-Jan-01 AT 07:05 AM (GMT)[/font][p]Damned triplicate post!


        • nitin
          Senior Member

          RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

          The mirage upgrade is quite comprehensive ~ 4 squadrons worth!
          looks like the PAF is depending upon them as the mainstay of the fleet in the years to come.The F16 notwithstanding....

          The mig21 news ,iirc, is outdated.The delivery of upgrade kits has started.


          • Guest's Avatar

            RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

            Regarding the upgrade of 83 PAF Mirage-III's and Mirage-V's, sounds pretty intimidating as far as ATG capability goes, but I didn't see any mention of adding the capability to fire the Super-530D BVR missile. This makes a huge difference obviously.


            • Airforce1
              Senior Member

              RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

              I read *showhere* that these upgraded PAF Mirages III/5 have BVR installed which was capable of handling MICA but were equiped with South African Dartar BVR. It was also said that PAF's Mirages and F-16 are equipped to carry South African MUSPW(?).


              • nitin
                Senior Member

                RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

                Caesar a retd, PAF f16 pilot made a reference to the PAF acquiring (or trying to) super 530d's .He could throw more light on this.


                • SpecialOps
                  Senior Member

                  RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

                  Yes Baxter

                  It seems that the PAF mirages have strike capabilities similar to that of RAF Tornados, but how one pilot (even though Pakistanis on this forum praise them highly) could cope with flying ultra low level through heavily defended Indian airspace, using NVGs, using FLIR and atlas pod and firing the weapon is beyond me, surely this is a two man job!? Or perhaps One mirage will designate for 3 or 4 others!?

                  The IRST pod is an interesting addition, it means they can try and penetrate airspace with their Grifos off, hence hiding any radar emissions but using the IRST to try and spot enemy aircraft.


                  Thai Air Force

                  F-5 upgrade

                  BAe type 956 HUDWAC
                  litton LN-39 INS
                  ALR-46 RWR
                  1553 databus
                  Tracor chaff/flare


                  F-5E upgrade

                  BAe HUDWAC
                  Litton LN-94 RLG INS
                  ALR -91 RWR
                  APQ-159 Radar upgraded
                  Vinten video recorder
                  maverick missile launchers



                  • minmiester
                    Senior Member

                    RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

                    Btw, the AUP performed on the F-111Cs was completed last year. It also included replacing the TF-30P3s with more powerful TF-30P9s.



                    • SpecialOps
                      Senior Member

                      RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

                      >Btw, the AUP performed on the
                      >F-111Cs was completed last year.
                      > It also included replacing
                      >the TF-30P3s with more powerful

                      Yes You are right, sorry, could not be bothered to write all the details, it was a long article!!!
                      In the same issue there is interesting articles on modern hand held SAMs and IRSTs.



                      • Ahjor
                        Senior Member

                        RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

                        This is not me being jealous:-)...but seriously are the Mirage upgrades :

                        1. For ALL the 83 aircraft.
                        2. Do they really include all the goodies mentioned...that package would cost quite a bomb...........? any guesses on figures so we can compare them to published sources from Pakistan.
                        3. Whats the diffrence between a terrain following radar / terrain map generator....does the former have an autopilot capability and the latter does not???...pls help me out here.

                        IIRC the Mig 29s of the IAF were also getting some sort of an upgrade...what exactly no clue.....??any dope on that


                        • SpecialOps
                          Senior Member

                          RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft


                          I am taking everything from Asain Defence Journal, it states 83 aircraft being completed!

                          In my experiance your assumptions are correct a terrain following radar actually "flys" the plan at ultra low level, whit a map generator acts as a moving map image on a multi function display showing the pilots position in relation to a map position, being constantly updated.

                          Do not be jealous, these plans still have 30 year old airframe and engines, but very advanced avionics, they are a substitute for new strike aircraft which the PAF cannot afford!



                          • Guest's Avatar

                            RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

                            Here are the details:

                            Combat aircraft upgrades (Mirage III/5/50 and Mirage F1).

                            Although the first generation Mirage (types III, 5 and 50) remains available to special order, series production has now ended. At the beginning of 1990, orders totalled 1,422, of which 1,415 had been delivered, including 949 exported. Many of these remain in service, or are in storage awaiting resale. Since 1977, Dassault has been involved in programmes to update the navigation and attack systems, flight aids, radio com/nav, power plant and other features of in-service Mirage III/5/50 aircraft. In particular, several air forces have awarded Dassault contracts to install an inertial platform, digital computer, CRT head-up display, air-to-ground laser rangefinder and other equipment for improved navigational accuracy, easier target acquisition, and high bombing precision in the various CCIP (Continuous Computation of the Impact Point) or CCRP (Continuous Computation of the Release Point) modes, including standoff capability through the introduction of CCRP with initial point. Combat efficiency in the air-to-air gunnery mode is improved considerably by display of a highly accurate hot-line on the HUD.

                            Another major improvement available for the Mirage III/5/50 series is a flight refuelling kit offering an increase of 30 to more than 100 per cent in radius of action. Already ordered by several air forces for their Mirage 5s, this system was demonstrated in flight before becoming generally available to Mirage operators in 1986. It involves lengthening the nose of the aircraft by 90 mm (3{1/2} in) to accommodate system changes associated with a non-retractable probe on the starboard side, forward of the windscreen, and a single-point pressure refuelling port for both internal and external tanks. With the addition of a pressure refuelling system, time for refuelling on the ground is reduced from 15 to 3 minutes.
                            Over half the air forces operating Mirage III/5/50s have now opted for update programmes, some of which are undertaken at least partly by local organisations and are of sufficient complexity to warrant mention in other national sections in this book. Brief details are listed below.


                            Pakistan: Update programme completed on original aircraft. There were 50 ex-Australian Mirage IIIOs acquired in 1990 for re-work at the Mirage Rebuild Factory, Kamra, with some export sales in prospect.

                            SAGEM holds full responsibility for a programme to upgrade the Mirage III fleet of the Pakistan Air Force. First production order issued in June 1993. Two versions are being retrofitted, trainer/strike and multirole fighter. The first version has been fully qualified and production is in progress. Upgrade plans include air-to-ground capability as well as installation of a pulse Doppler radar.

                            Several standards of equipment for modified or new airframes have been offered by Dassault in recent years, including the Mirage 3NG and Mirage 50M. Most recent of these, the Mirage IIIEX, was revealed in 1989 as a modified IIIE (being replaced in French service) with a longer, Mirage F1-type nose; underfuselage strakes (as on Mirage 5D series); an in-flight refuelling probe, offset to port, ahead of the cockpit; and fixed canards. The Doppler fairing below the forward fuselage is deleted.
                            Israel Aircraft Industries (which see), seeking to export surplus Kfirs to nations not authorised to receive the GE J79 turbojet, is undertaking trial installation of a SNECMA Atar 9K-50, thereby `re-inventing' the Mirage 50.

                            MAESTRO nav/attack system

                            SAGEM SA has designed the Modular Avionics Enhancement System Targeted for Retrofit Operations (MAESTRO) with flexibility so it can be easily tailored to any customer's specific requirements and offer capabilities at par with those of current front line fighters. MAESTRO features full inertial and GPS performance provided by SAGEM navigation and mission computer systems implementing the Embedded GPS-Inertia (EGI) concept, Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOR) for stealth navigation and blind attack in combination with the SAGEM high-capacity data transfer system, wide field-of-view FLIR-compatible HUD, glass cockpit, Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) interface, air-to-ground and air-to-air fire control, including multimode pulse Doppler radar and/or laser rangefinder, full EW suite comprising radar warning, missile launch detection, chaff and flare self-protection and/or jamming systems and the all digital CIRCE 2001 mission planning system. MAESTRO can be adapted to new aircraft of western or eastern origin.

                            Operational status

                            In production. Applications include the upgrade of Belgian Air Force Mirage 5, Chilean Air Force Mirage 5 and C-101 combat/trainer aircraft, Indian Air Force Jaguar, PZL Irdya Polish trainer/attack aircraft and Pakistan Air Force Mirage III and 5.

                            COMPANY NAME : SAGEM SA, Defence and Security Division, Paris

                            Sigma ring laser gyro inertial navigation systems

                            The Sigma family of inertial navigation systems is implemented by the combination of high-performance laser gyro sensors and a GPS receiver. Such systems are intended for use in combat aircraft equipped with a multiplexed databus. Sigma systems offer all the benefits of tight hybridisation between ring laser gyros and a GPS receiver by a multisensor Kalman filter for both alignment and navigation. The synergy between these three elements brings the following advantages; reduction in size, weight and power consumption through the integration of inertial and GPS functions; short alignment time on the ground, in the air or at sea; monitoring of sensor performance and integrity for GPS and INS; automatic in-flight calibration of inertial sensors; long-term stability of inertial performance and higher resistance to jamming and improved dynamic behaviour of the GPS. Some versions combine the navigation and fire-control functions. These versions provide aircraft position, velocity and attitude information, computation of navigation and steering information to waypoints; position updating by navigation fixes; terrain reference updating; weapon delivery computations consisting of ballistics, determination of release point, ripple spacing of weapons, safety pull-up information; head-up display information for target acquisition and commands for the blind release of stores; attack modes; air data computations and multiplex bus control.

                            Sigma 92G inertial nav/attack system

                            The Sigma 92G uses three ring laser gyros and three quartz accelerometers. It is fitted with an embedded GPS receiver and performs weapon delivery functions.

                            SPECIFICATIONS :

                            Dimensions: 194 x 191 x 380 mm
                            Weight: 17 kg (with GPS)
                            Power supply: 28 V DC, 60 W
                            Accuracy: 0.8 n mile/h in pure inertial mode

                            Details of PAF Mirages from France.

                            Elements of SAGEM's MAESTRO (modular Avionics Enhancements System targeted for Retrofit Operations) digital package, installed some years earlier in 20 belgian Mirage 5BA/BDs, and applied to the PAF's Mirage 5s include the SAGem ULISS 92 INS/GPS, with the TRECOR terrain-matching system and UTR-90 computer, Honeywell radar altimeter, multifunction cockpit and wide-angle stroke and raster head-up displays, hands-onthrottle-and-stick, SAGEM Circe 2001 mission planning system, provision for night-vision goggles, plus thermal-imaging forward looking infra-red (FLIR) and laser rangefinder in a forward ventral fairing.

                            Smart weapons capabilities may be further exploited by the navigation/tageting pod shown SAGEM's Mirage 5F at Le Bourget.

                            Although described as the dart, this appears identical to Rafael's LITENING pod. Other Mirage 5F upgrades included an integrated electrnoc warefare suite, on-board oxygen generation system (OBOGS), and single point pressure refuelling. Delivery of the last upgraded 5F from SAGEM to Pakistan was expected in mid 1999.


                            • Guest's Avatar

                              RE: Retrofit programmes for Asian Fighter Aircraft

                              According to january issue of Airforce monthly;

                              Pakistan has a requirment of 80 MGs which will be called F-7MP. The delivery of 60 is expected to be in 2001and most of them are already built at the Chengdu Factory. This version is fitted with more powerful engine WP-13F turbojet which provides a thrust of 14,550lb with full afterburner. the first 20 will be delivered without the radar cause the radar supplier culdn't deliver it within the short time frame. The option is between Grifo S7 or marconi SSR, Super Sky ranger.

                              trials with SSK are believed to be taken place in Pakistan this summer, meaning 1999 on the demonstration model 0144.


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