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F86D sabre dog

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  • nastle
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    • Feb 2005
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    F86D sabre dog

    I know it was a pure interceptor but can the F86D theoretically carry A2G ordnance like rockets and bombs on the under wing pylons normally reserved for fuel tanks ?
    if so how much will the range be of such a beast
  • J Boyle
    With malice towards none
    • Oct 2004
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    Not in USAF service.
    They did not have provisions for bombs or wing mounted rockets.
    I would doubt if Air Defence Command pilots were current in air to ground delivery...though I would guess they would if had some basic training in fighter school.

    I can't vouch for the Italians and their F-86Ks or the Thais and their Ls....they may have had local mods.

    You are right, I suppose one could hang bombs from them in a pinch. If course without bombsights...
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