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Can anyone tell me the difference between a propfan land a Turboprop?

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  • AbitNutz
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    • Dec 2005
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    Can anyone tell me the difference between a propfan land a Turboprop?

    Sorry to be so obtuse but I'm having real difficulty understanding the differences between a propfan and turboprop. I believe that the Ivchenko Progress D-27 is the only true propfan in production. (It is in production, isn't it?) It seems that a propfan may or may not have a gearbox like a turboprop or be a tractor or a pusher. I'm not sure if the exhaust produces significant thrust or not.

    My best imaginings are of an ultra high bypass turbofan with virtually all the power being directed to the fan section in two controllable pitch, contra-rotating sections..but without the the duct.

    The propfan is supposed to have superior qualities to both the turbofan and turboprop in regards to efficiencies. Its main downfall is apparently noise. There are other notoriously noisy engines, like the Kuznetsov NK-12 on the TU-95 and they have been in production forever and no one seems to care about those.

    Has the noise problem been alleviated or mitigated in some way in the D-27? Or does no one care because it is a military application?

    Is there any chance that the propfan will make its way back?
  • Z1pp0
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    • Oct 2005
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    From wiki
    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) defines it as "A turbine engine featuring contra-rotating fan stages not enclosed within a casing."

    Basically a fan is not the same as a propeller. But in this case the "propeller" is configured like a fan (very many blades).
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