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B-1B paint scheme

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    B-1B paint scheme

    When were the B-1Bs repainted in the current overall gunship grey color?

    Grey paint covers RAM. They rolled out of the factory in the mid 1980s and have been that way ever since.


      HAVE GLASS type treatment (dont know if thats the correct term when not applied to F-16). Theyve been grey for a long time. If you look at B-1B rollout, it was a motled grey-green scheme. Some appear darker than others, could be more recent HAVE GLASS paint seen on some F-16s
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        B-1Bs left the factory in the three tone strategic camoflage:
        FS 36081 Gray
        FS 36118 Gray
        FS 34086 Dark Green

        Depending on the lighting and weathering it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the differences in these colors.

        Starting in the fall of 1990 the fleet began the move to FS 36118 Gunship Gray. For a bit (until 1992) the radomes remained 36081 Gray.

        Source Rockwell B-1B, SACs last Bomber, by Don Logan, page 233
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