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    Forum moderation and improvement

    Having seen an uptick in issues with inflammatory posts reflecting world events, and keeping in mind that this is an aviation forum. One that can (and should be) a place where fact based discussion and reasonable discourse rule. I personally would like to see an improvement in feedback and policing.

    We do have moderators here. But we also have a wealth of active posters with a level-headed, pragmatic approach to posting decorum.

    It would be of benefit to the entire community if we had several active posters with limited moderation powers such as:
    Deleting irrelevant threads
    Preserving threads with a wealth of data and information
    Limited policing power to delete irrelevant or inflammatory comments.
    Ability to move posts to appropriate threads.

    The forum has lost posters due to constant digressions, trolling, and tensions over the current geopolitical trends.

    That is a sad state. This should be a place to embrace aviation, and discuss such on an intellectual level.

    I fail to follow such protocol at times as most of the posters do. But we do have several posters such as: BiO, Berkut, TR-1, Trident, and Mercurius who hold to decorum and standards on this forum. It would be beneficial if several were given some limited power to moderate this forum.

    If you agree or have comments, please contact the mods and enter comments below (please don’t turn this into a referendum on the above posters listed, perhaps contact the mods with your own opinions).

    P.S. Apologies to those listed above for not PM’img them first on mentioning them. This is only an idea. One that most likely will go nowhere.

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    I think it's a great idea. Kudos.
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      I nominate Halloween, Msphere or Tango


        Appreciate the input vans, please read above. Message the mods. I would prefer no referendum on members on thread. I just listed a few who generally stay above the fray of backbiting. General comments on suggestions to improve forum would be most helpful or specific addendums for suggestions on how to better police forum.

        No offense meant to your opinion but I think a silent vote to mods via PM would be more helpful.


          Originally posted by FBW
          I fail to follow such protocol at times as most of the posters do. But we do have several posters such as: BiO, Berkut, TR-1, Trident, and Mercurius who hold to decorum and standards on this forum.
          In a pretty sad display of the current level of management by the authorities here, Berkut actually just got banned for complaining about the questionable decisions taken by the mods.


            ^ what!? thats awful. he should come back as Berkut 2


              While being a moderator is a thankless job but IMO as someone who has been a forum member for nearly 14 years, all I can say is that I wish there were consequences that went beyond just post deletion and users being allowed to be ignored. I think if you are a serial offender and continue to indulge in off-topic posts or flamebaiting over and over again then there should be something beyond just post deletion. Not pointing to Berkut here who I think is a great resource here but there are others who constantly have their content deleted but are free to come right back and do the same. That imho is not going to lead them to modify their behavior.
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                Originally posted by J-20 View Post
                ^ what!? thats awful. he should come back as Berkut 2
                Berkut 2.0 Pirozhki.


                  It's a promising idea, but one that would only really work if at least 5 or more community moderators were introduced IMHO. As this would be a volunteer thing, the time each mod could invest is limited, and this is a big place with (I'm sure we all agree, given the existence of this thread) a lot of necessity for moderation. I also concur with BIO that powers granted to these moderators *must* include more drastic sanctions such as banning.

                  I can only speak for myself of course, but although I spend quite a bit of time here, the scope of the topics I actually participate in is very limited (and while I may have almost 4000 posts under my belt, per day it's only a third to half of the others FBW has mentioned). If I consider the effort to moderate those threads as well as read and moderate the rest of the forum, it's frankly not going to be tenable for volunteers unless the burden is shared between a *substantial* number of individuals. And then only if they don't have a needlessly high workload because there is no way to remove repeat offenders even after they have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that they are not constructive contributors.

                  In that regard I think the examples FBW selected are really well-chosen, because their interests cover a lot of the forum discussion as well as some of the most controversial issues. I can think of several more, and frankly a bit of redundancy would not go amiss (professional & family commitments, health, holidays etc.) - 5 is really the bare minimum IMHO.

                  And yes, banning Berkut is absurd!


                    Mpacha has been about the only moderator I ever see here. He's been absolutely consistent.

                    It was always nice when SOC was still around. He kept threads on track.

                    I'm not sure I agree on the proposed moderators because your list. The berkut guy would never be my choice. I think someone like Mercurius would be a candidate. I'd nominate Trident, too. And although we've had unintentional disagreements in the past, Spudman has consistency where I'd defer to his judgment toning down threads, too.

                    Guys like Gerard, Alpha Bravo, and Tango III are notorious for being clear and precise without distinctive diatribe.
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                      To be honest, I don't think anything will come of this anyway. I messaged the mods without response (I don't know if anyone else did).

                      From my personal view, half of the nastiness exhibited comes from off topic posts and blatantly inflammatory comments. One example would be the controversy surrounding the F-35. Discussion about the aircraft pops up in nearly every thread, even though it has it's own separate thread. We have cheerleaders touting the aircraft in Russian threads, and people bashing the aircraft in threads about the Rafale, for example. A little posting discipline would allow those to just want to read about a particular aircraft or airforce to enjoy a thread without being subjected to dissertations on the "stealthiness" of a intake, or F-35's CAS ability instead of Eurofighter Typhoon capabilities.
                      Outside of banning, there are few remedies for blatantly nationalistic and purposely inflammatory posts.

                      Anyway, that's my take on why we've seen a loss of posters and activity, and why there has some nastiness (of which I am often a guilty party). It might have been helpful to have some active posters be given moderation powers, but it looks like a dead end.


                        In a box of old research paperwork I found a copy of the September 2008 issue of 'Computer Shopper' magazine. On page 179, columnist Simon Brew had written:

                        "I frequent several online forums, and every single one of them has hit the same problem after a while. Simply, that a small segment of users, seemingly incapable of debate, stagger in on an attention-seeking I-know-everything tirade... how depressing it is that some people, especially so in the virtual world, seem to have lost any ability to stage a sensible argument."
                        Mercurius Cantabrigiensis



                          Very good idea. Let's hope they read it and act upon it.

                          I always considered the KeyPub Forum with its posters as a great source of knowledge, despite inflammatory posts from certain users which tend to destroy all the good work done. But when these guys take the charge without moderators censoring them as a result we often get to lose valuable members.

                          And I as well have to add that it's crazy that Berkut got banned.


                            I think there is some naivety in this thread. The new cold war is in full swing and the information warfare its as intense as ever. This creeps into military forums like this. One side truly believes its side of the story and vise versa. This environment is not that easy to police.

                            Its always the Pak Fa thread getting deleted. It gets deleted because some people post things of bad taste which sets off the Russia supporters. It never fails. Just recently, someone posted a Pak Fa pic that showed it with dual hardpoints on it for testing. Along came one of the usual suspects who said "welcome to 1960". It would probably last as long as the F-35 thread without the flippant and bad spirited comments from a few.

                            About JSR. His posts are very jingoistic and they rub ppl the wrong way. But he doesn't break the rules. Berkut was a jerk.


                              I'm much more turned off by the lack of pictures in this thread, rather than the content of the opinions.
                              Go Huskers!


                                In my experience, an educated and respected member that knows what he's talking about, is old enough, speaks nice and seriously, will not give any guarantee that he will make an effective forum moderator. In many cases, moderating, being extremely tiresome and consuming job, will prevent those members from normal participation, thus negating their role as respected members. I think the best moderator is he that can be trusted to be a responsible discussion coordinator, has sufficient time to be on watch and answer messages and of course will not overstep his authority depending on his views on a subject.

                                As simple as it may sound, I have come to discover that these are very rare qualities. Being a respected member AND possessing those qualities at the same time is even more rare.


                                  I'm with FBW here. I'm not seeing any improvements for this forum long term.
                                  You know i'm not any saint around here. But i've been around for a long time. I'm genuine interested in Aviation, military even more.
                                  Sadly this forum is in a decline. It just happen, sometimes forums just die off.. slowly.

                                  And i agree with KGB on one point, this new USA-Russia hysteria does not help one bit.


                                    Just look at what happened on the Eurofighter thread a couple of days ago. 4 members (who are very capable of valuable, adult contributions) started a discussion about US v French FAC techniques which continued despite my repeated efforts to stop it. Nothing to do with Typhoon, everything to do with F35 v Rafale and one member v another.

                                    They knew better, but continued.

                                    Sure enough the "Russia against the rest of the World" situation hasn't helped things and there are very much divergent views on Syria etc (I live in Salisbury, so I had to keep my mouth shut for a few weeks), but I put it down to laziness/lack of self-discipline rather than a total disregard for forum rules.

                                    Many members flit from one forum to another, but I can think of at least one other forum which is rigorously policed and generally full of fantastic input.

                                    This is a big community and there are lots of personalities and agendas on display, but surely most of the problem is for the members to police?


                                      what happened to the following members:



                                        Hotdog has several accounts here. Think he is still around.