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2018 F-35 News and Discussion

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  • bring_it_on
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    Originally posted by FBW
    Defense-Aerospace is vying with National Interest as the most inaccurate, sensationalist, website covering defense topics.
    I think there is a fundamental difference between the two. National Interest is just a sensational, tabloid like format and gives audience to all sort of crappy journalists, thinkers, and national security view points. Some of their stories smack of downright incompetence but they are often all over the place. Driving clicks seems to be their main strategy. They aren't as ideological other than just driving traffic by using sensational headlines, stories and recycling past work. Defense-Aerospace is deeply ideological and recently that has very heavily focused on attacking US and to a lesser account programs and hardware that directly compete with French defense wares. Weird for an obscure small-scale French blog to focus so much on US DOD from everything to the level of use of FOUO to National Defense Strategy and Industrial Base studies. In that context, Defense-Aerospace stands in a league of its own.
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      And the UK PLC has just "IOCed" their "Dave B" AKA "JCA" AKA "F-35B ".




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