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F-84F thunderstreak

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  • nastle
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    • Feb 2005
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    F-84F thunderstreak

    Was it an under rated aircraft ?overshadowed quickly by better designs

    It served in huge numbers in NATO airforces esp of germany turkey and Greece

    it carried a good offensive load and had average performance of its age , much better suited in the ground attack role ?
  • Cherry Ripe
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    • Jul 2009
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    Some quirks of the design were discussed previously, but there is a lot that mystifies me about the choice of the F-84F for NATO.

    It was said to be a sluggish aircraft with unfriendly handling, which killed many pilots. In contrast the NA FJ4 Fury was praised for its handling, as well as being much longer-ranged ( 3000+ litres internal fuel versus 2100 ) on the same engine and equally competent in air-to-ground versus air-to-air.

    Even the F-86H would seem to have been a better all-round multi-role choice than the F-84F for smaller nations.

    So why was was F-84F selected for provision to NATO? Reminds me somewhat of the P-47 being selected for MDAP after WW2 whilst the P-51 was primarily retained for USAF use.
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