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  • panzerfeist1
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    • Feb 2018
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    Testing a new jamming method. Still dreaming about a EW system that would cause cruise missiles to blow other than a rtut-bm system that causes rockets and shells to blow up
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    I thought the fall of western civilization was a tragedy, now I realize it's a comedy.


    • stealthflanker
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      • Sep 2015
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      Originally posted by haavarla View Post

      However there was reports that KnAAZ has overhauled two older Flankers to something very similar the the Su-35S in terms of capability.
      Not sure if this was only to see what kind of cost prospect are involved, IMO is it even worth the Bucks..
      Then the owner of KNAAZ flankers may have no options except replacing the aircraft with Su-30SME ?


      • JSR
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        • Aug 2011
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        the cost of products from small to medium enterprizes will further down. I will not be surprised Sukhoi product going to $25m
        Russia, Germany Sign Declaration on Labor Efficiency

        The document, called Partnership for Efficiency,


        • haavarla
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          • Dec 2008
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          Originally posted by stealthflanker View Post

          Then the owner of KNAAZ flankers may have no options except replacing the aircraft with Su-30SME ?
          I would not know.
          If they raise the Su-30SM up to Su-35S Standard, its all good.
          It might help IAPO Get more export. Super MKI has been long in the waiting.

          KnAAZ does all singel seater Flankers. It does not matter what version.


          • LMFS
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            • Feb 2018
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            Hunter on the alligator: Russia unify combat helicopters
            The latest drum machines of the Mi-28NM and Ka-52M will simplify manufacture and service

            Production passing the impact tests of the Mi-28NM and Ka-52M will be unified. Developers set the task to equip both helicopters the same engine and basic design elements. As a result, production will become cheaper and maintenance is easier. Still a variety of combat machines with incompatible parts created difficulties in carrying out combat tasks.
            The decision to make the Mi-28NM, which the troops called "Night superexotic", and Ka-52M ("Supererogatory") compliant, already made, have informed "news" in the Ministry of defence. The plan for unification. Manufacturers of both machines are included in the holding "Helicopters of Russia". Machines are considered the most promising in the army aviation of Russia.

            The most important is the unification of communications, airborne defense systems and weapons, says military expert Viktor murakhovski.
            The task of the unification of on-Board equipment and weapons to solve relatively simple, said Viktor murakhovski "news". In this direction much has already been achieved. The engine is also quite possible to unify. But if we talk about the control systems of the bearing and the steering screws, everything is more complex. Helicopters fundamentally different layout, the Mi 28NM is equipped with a tail rotor, and Ka-52M is formed by a coaxial scheme.
            According to him, after bringing the helicopter to a common denominator for a number of systems will be easier to retrain pilots and technicians. Much less problems will be with the supply of spare parts and maintenance materials. Reduced costs production and performance.

            Mi-28NM was created on the basis of the Mi-28N "Night hunter", but differs from its predecessor in many ways. First flight machine made in August 2016. By the beginning of this year, the Mi-28МН passed all the stages of factory tests, and in the spring field testing in combat conditions in Syria. In may, President Vladimir Putin stated that by 2028, the troops had to be supplied 100 such helicopters.
            One of the main advantages of the latest generation Night hunter the emergence of nadterechnoi radar. Antenna receiving and transmitting part of the radar located above the rotor under a special fairing from radioprotecao material in the form of a ball this allows you to get the image location, hiding the uneven terrain in artificial and natural obstacles and remaining invisible to the enemy.

            The car has received new engines, a control system and a set of counter-defenses. For the crew of the Mi-28NM was developed, embedded in flight helmets target designation system and display, which uses a technology called augmented reality: with the help of laser rays on the plastic protective shield can be projected to the pilot the necessary information: map, intelligence, status of the machine. When flying, even at zero visibility, the system can display a three-dimensional image of the terrain over which the helicopter is moving.

            Mi-28NM was the most protected helicopter gunships. The cabin crew and vital nodes, fully-armored, able to withstand the ingress of large caliber bullets and shrapnel. From MANPADS protects camera warning system that analyzes the trajectory of the rocket and advises the pilot to execute evasive maneuvers or shoot flares. This will protect the helicopter from the rockets, and managed to sidetrack laser station suppression. The suspension system in the chassis and the seats of the members of the crew can save the lives of pilots and the machine itself when falling from a height of several tens of meters. In the case of helicopter failure at high altitude in this system is provided with the ejection side doors, allowing the crew to safely exit the cab and land with a parachute.
            Work to modernize the attack helicopter Ka-52 "alligator" began last year. Developers tasked to do an entirely new car based on the experience of combat operation. This year Ka-52M made its first flight, according to sources of "Izvestiya". In late may Deputy defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said that the modernization should be completed in 2022.

            Helicopters Ka-52 "alligator" was used extensively in Syria. Important role they played in the liberation of Palmyra. Helicopters operated in the reconnaissance-strike complexes found purpose, which then attacked the su-24.
            Based on the experience of combat use of the machine decided to substantially rework. The main drawback of the helicopter, which was revealed with the execution of combat missions weak book. This is critical, given that the Ka-52 with its powerful reconnaissance equipment can operate effectively behind enemy lines. To make the machine less vulnerable, the developers have replaced titanium in composite materials. Thanks to the crew now not only protected against small arms fire, but even from a 57-millimeter hollow point guns.

            The manufacturer upgraded and opto-electronic system in the nose of the helicopter. It is equipped with a television camera, thermal imager, laser rangefinder-target designator, laser sensor and guidance system of guided missiles.
            Arsenal helicopter will join the rockets "Whirlwind" and sverdlovskyi systems "Germes". All this will allow "Supererogatory" to identify and defeat armored vehicles at a distance of 10 km (now just over 5 km).



            • LMFS
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              • Feb 2018
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              Interview with MiG's Ilya Tarasenko about ongoing projects and company's performance:

              Ilya Tarasenko: we are asked to correct modernized in Ukraine MiGs

              Russian aircraft Corporation "MiG" for the third consecutive year increases revenue and profit. This happens largely due to innovation in business processes and timely execution of contracts. CEO Ilya Tarasenko in an interview with RIA Novosti Alexei Pansino reported on the current situation in the "moment", said the timing of the creation of a promising range interceptor, heavy UAV "Scat", and the beginning of serial production of regional aircraft Il-114-300 and addresses of partners using the illegitimate the modernization of the MiG-29 in Ukraine.

              You're back in the Corporation "MiG" for the position of General Director in September 2016. Tell me, how is the Corporation that managed to implement new to be proud of?
              At the moment we have fulfilled all the plans that we faced from a financial point of view. We have increased revenue from 2016 to 2018, more than 59%. 3 years ago the revenue of the Corporation was in the region of 56 billion, in 2018 we achieved that this figure exceeded 89,5 billion. It is a historical record for us for the entire post-Soviet period. MiG third year is positive, and in 2018 we finished with a high profit of $ 3.5 billion. This certainly shows the effectiveness of our Corporation.
              Over the years we have introduced a number of modern and innovative tools into our business processes. We understand that in order to remain leaders in the industry, it is necessary not just to develop, and to move faster than our competitors. In particular, we are actively introducing a new production system in all our branches and implement projects aimed at reducing costs which, in turn, reduce the cost of production. We are studying the experience of companies that have several years of applied best practices, and learn from their experience. For example the state Corporation "Rosatom". Last year, we opened two of the "factory of processes" in which training of employees, technologies, new production systems: employees learn to reduce production costs, to apply LEAN technologies, to model and to practice interaction between production and office services, to identify gaps and imperfections in the processes and to find optimal solutions to problems. This year at the factories of the processes planned to train 100% of employees of the Corporation. This applies to all production and office workers.

              I want to say working with the staff. We restarted the project "the Personnel reserve", which is now project work teams of reservists. It is not divorced from the reality of ideas and projects, which aim at solving specific challenges facing the Corporation. At the plant "Sokol" in Nizhniy Novgorod, we build a new system for the preservation of critical knowledge. In addition, we launched the plant a "school master". This is a program in which the training is based on a modular design that will expand the horizons and increase the competence in the field of production management personnel, to expand the knowledge of employees in the field of aircraft. The training is conducted by internal trainers. We plan to train every year three groups of 20 people. Both the pilot project and will be implemented at all our sites.
              We pay special attention to the training of our young professionals and mentoring program. This is a very important topic not only for our company but for the entire industry and country. About the necessity of increasing the prestige of teachers, the transmission of knowledge from generation to generation, and continuous training of young people repeatedly stated the President of our country Vladimir Putin. We understand how to solve this problem, and it was therefore decided to develop an updated program of "Mentoring". The main goal of the program is to build a system of training of young employees through internal resources, to raise the prestige of teachers. Actively implemented a distance learning system that allows employees to gain additional knowledge in a convenient time for them. The main objective is to create opportunities for training of each employee.
              Well, no less important subject financial motivation of personnel. Now we are introducing new system elements of the total compensation package. This also applies to the remuneration system, and social programs that take into account the needs of different groups of employees. The results of the implementation in 2018 of the first phase of the new system of payment of wages of workers of OKB im. Mikoyan increased on average by 29%. It's a good experience that we plan to introduce in all structural associations. Implementation of new programs requires additional funding. To this end, we are working to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This, in turn, allows us to remain an attractive employer, to retain best employees and attract highly qualified professionals.
              Let us now proceed directly to the aircraft programs. Over the past three years we have made significant progress on the program of the MiG-35. In no time, we launched the production of the aircraft, spent his first 2.5 years came from development work to the contract with the Russian defense Ministry, in which the first two aircraft have already been transferred to Air and space forces for testing, the other four are planning to deliver before the end of the year. Look forward to signing a new contract to supply MiG-35 military Department. In addition, a very successfully implemented a contract for the supply of MiG-29M/M2 to the customer. Go early for the execution of this agreement.

              What are your plans for diversification? Is there any news on a civil project Il-114?

              We started the project Il-114 that I feel it is the right step to diversify our business. And for us it is a very important and responsible, because of the requirements that apply to civil aviation, stricter, both from the point of view of design and create machines, and from the point of view of its further maintenance. We are in the process of transfer of documentation in the production and preparation of production. Today we work with the Ilyushin design Bureau in the common information space, and this synergy is a vivid example of successful cooperation in aircraft design in the "figure". Everything happens online. We can see the prospect of such an information system and after-sales service of the aircraft parts logistics.

              When the first flight?

              First ascent of the aircraft into the air is planned in November 2020. We are on schedule. In its manufacture involved all of our sites. Final Assembly, as you already know, will be in Lukhovitsy.

              Started production of aggregates for him?

              Yes, we have started the production of separate units at VASO in Voronezh, and "the Falcon" (a subsidiary of the Corporation "MiG" in Nizhny Novgorod ed.).

              "Ilyushin" has repeatedly held round tables with potential customers. Does anyone have a solid intention to buy this car or while still at the level of the conversations?

              Of course. It is international practice to work with the airlines in the production phase of the aircraft and even at the stage of its development to consider the requirements of the airlines. One of the main requirements is the interior. Every customer expects their transport network, the number of goods and so on. It all begins at creation of the machine. There are specific nuances, which are discussed at such round tables.

              No fear of that now, in an era when highly developed thrust generated by the turboprop aircraft will be slightly out of date, or is it amateurish judgment?

              If to speak about the economic component, turboprops are much more economical than their reactive counterparts. Accordingly, when oil is expensive, from turboprop aircraft, there is a large advantage. Plus, the Il-114 is not so demanding in terms of operation and in particular to the runway (runway as amended). Colleagues from "Ilyushin" has to communicate with foreign customers, including from South-East Asia. The potential of this plane is.

              You said about digital manufacturing. Is there already from this innovation effect?

              There are three criteria. The first is the timing. If before launch and the organization of production before the first flight of the aircraft took about three years, now we can launch a new product in two years. The second point is to improve the quality. The third is the economy, which follows from the first two paragraphs.

              What other projects are on the agenda?

              There are a number of closed projects, we are also dedicated to maintaining airworthiness and modernization of MiG-31 HQs. Of course, we have to work with initiative, who, after 2025 will form the basis of our product line.

              Let's elaborate on your programs. It is known that the MiG-35 is involved in the Indian tender. Delhi has already identified a short-list of contenders to win?

              I can say that we are in the list of top contenders. Under the auspices of the company "Rosoboronexport" we are discussing with the customer technical parameters and the question of localization of production of the MiG-35 in India as well as after-sales service.

              When is planned to complete the stage of research works on the PAK DP (promising aviation complex long-range interception ed.) and go to stage R & d and the creation of a prototype?

              We have a schedule with the defence Ministry for this project. We are convinced that such a plane is needed in our country. This next, very big step in strengthening the defense of the state, protect our country's borders. And speech here goes not only about the Arctic and the East, as is commonly believed. We are working on a complex system of global defense borders of Russia. We hope that PAK DP will replace the MiG-31, when his life will come to its logical conclusion. Perspective aircraft will use new types of aircraft weapons, it will be created with the use of new technologies of stealth, will be able to carry the required number of weapons, will act on a very large range. Now all these requirements are laid in the shape of the plane. The research work must be completed before the end of the year the approved form.

              You have repeatedly talked about the drones that is developing a "MiG". On the Internet periodically there are photos of the drone "Scat". At what stage this project?

              We see the market for this drone. A niche in which it will be, is not closed in Russia. We hope this year to finalize the TTZ on it with our client. After that we will move to development.

              Is there potential for the modernization of the MiG-29 or will gradually replace them with MiG-35?
              We hope that those MiG-29 fighters, which were delivered to the defense Ministry in the late '80s early' 90s, the MiG-35 will replace. And those machines that were delivered to FSI in the form of the MiG-29SMT or/KUB, will exist in parallel with the MiG-35. However, with the creation of the MiG-29K/KUB has been created technology that can be implemented in the MiG-35.

              On this basis, I conclude that 35 will be the ship version?

              We have an idea to make it a ship version, and these work may take place in a year and a half, if there is a demand from our customers.

              Radar with AFAR when it will deliver?
              Of course, we will put AESA on MiG-35, we already offer this radar to our customers. When will supply will depend on customer requirements. In India, for example, we will supply the MiG-35 already with this radar. We are ready to supply even the AESA on the MiG-29M/M2.

              If the aircraft wins the tender?

              When he wins.

              Speaking of the MiG-29. India sent a request for 21 aircraft. When do you expect to sign a contract and begin delivery?

              It all depends on our customers. We understand the logic, which appeared this application. We see how India assesses the MiG-29. Them the national air force are interested in this machine, so the new order is a confirmation of their relationship to the MiGs.

              Another interesting project the MiG-UTS. What's wrong with him?

              The project continues, we made a flight model. Soon we're presenting. At the moment, we and our partners conduct marketing research. We see this aircraft as a complement to the MiG-35. This is our complete marketing offer. Now, together with the "Rosoboronexport" we are discussing this strategy with potential customers.

              Describe the transformation of after-sales service system, the RAC "MiG".

              We offer comprehensive system service under the system of PBL, which is that we guarantee the customer a certain percentage of the health Park is bound to the plaque. Customers should not have a headache on the subject of repairs, logistics, spare parts supply and so on. We will take care of it. We are moving away from the classic system of separate supply blocks on applications to integrated package of services. Along with the aircraft, we offer a program of service. This will significantly reduce the time and costs for all phases after-sales service from technical centers to implementation of maintenance and repair work, and, most importantly, to introduce a single standard for provision of these services.

              Did someone of countries that have experienced modernization of aircraft in Ukrainian or other business to you for legitimate help?

              Yes, such treatment really was. I can say that Ukraine is really trying to modernize the MiG aircraft in their factories, but makes it illegitimate, not having the relevant technical documentation. This is directly reflected not just in the quality and safety of aircraft. To my deepest regret, some of our partners check that the serviceability of its equipment and the lives of their pilots. Then come to us for help. Once again I emphasize the only legitimate way of modernization of aircraft grade "MiG" the implementation works directly with developed by our Corporation. This is a normal international practice. In the case of work on any military equipment with involvement of companies that do not have licenses from the developer, the developer is not responsible for the operation of these aircraft.

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