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Turkey shoots down Russian fighter

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  • Cream
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    • Feb 2011
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    Originally posted by hopsalot View Post
    The warnings presumably went something along the lines of "Unidentified aircraft, you are approaching Turkish airspace, turn XXXX now or ... "

    In peacetime an aircraft flying toward restricted airspace would probably just be intercepted and ordered to land. The Syria/Turkey border region is a wartime environment however that has already seen multiple aircraft shot down. (One Syrian fighter, one helo, one Russian drone, and one Turkish fighter have been shot down since the start of the conflict.)
    The Syria/Turkey are at war? I thought everyone here was in war against terrorists/islamist? Terrorists have Su-24 or jet fighters now?


    • JSR
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      • Aug 2011
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      Originally posted by Cream View Post
      The Syria/Turkey are at war? I thought everyone here was in war against terrorists/islamist? Terrorists have Su-24 or jet fighters now?
      Syrian gov may officially at war with turkey. The more Obama use Turkey right to defend the more he pissed of population in China, EU , Latin America and all the Shiites. Obama simply not realizing that Putin is associating Erdogan the sultan of terror with Isis to create particular image.
      No one is going to put boots on ground for Obama to fight Isis. Putin has allies preparing large armies to fight Isis. ultimately French will fall in line for this approach.


      • MSphere
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        • Feb 2010
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        Originally posted by hopsalot View Post
        Are we talking about an active warzone? Have clear and unambiguous warnings been issued that aircraft violating sovereign airspace will be destroyed? Have a whole series of aircraft been shot down for violating airspace already?

        Legally, this isn't a grey area. It is their airspace and Turkey has been absolutely clear about their rules of engagement are for aircraft entering Turkish airspace. Russia should have taken them seriously.

        That said, I don't think they exercised good judgement.
        The Turkish claim about ten issued warnings was rejected by the surviving navigator... even worse, it doesn't seem to be consistent with the situation on the map.. Turks have implied they have issued warnings after the Su-24M strayed into their airspace. The problem is that neither has the Sukhoi stayed over Turkey long enoiugh, nor has it survived long enough to receive ten warnings.. My money would be on the Turks talking crap, let's wait on their voice recordings which confirm those claims, though..


        • frankvw
          • Jan 2000
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