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Passive sensor & L-band radar of USA ?

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  • bring_it_on
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    Lockheed has also upgraded its TPS-77 family to GaN and it is the first US GaN radar to be exported
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    Old radar types never die; they just phased array


    • Marcellogo
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      Originally posted by lukos View Post
      What about when processing technology becomes powerful enough to link a dozen fighter radars several miles apart and create a virtual array, something that's already been done outside of real-time with telescopes.
      You are referring to what the MiG-31 are actually doing for decades? Or are you instead describing the way any ESA radar work, combining the emissions of a whole array of transceiver in a single wave front?

      Seems me you make confusion between the overall number of emission point and the overall emission power.
      Twelve radar emitting together would cover a way greater area but there would not be a single beam twelve time more powerful...
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      • FBW
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        Originally posted by Marcellogo View Post
        You are referring to what the MiG-31 are actually doing for decades? And hundreds of km apart, not just miles.
        Check date of post... I doubt you are going to get a response. I believe lukos was banned a few months ago.


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