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Tejas Mk1 and Mk2 thread

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    Originally posted by killerbean View Post
    Plz, not you too for DSI.

    I meant shaping for LO as in Hornet > Super Hornet.


      Ah, yes. That would be a nice addition indeed.


        Originally posted by Rii View Post
        I meant shaping for LO as in Hornet > Super Hornet.
        YES, that would be a nice addition !

        Besides that any news from LSP-8 ??

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          Originally posted by Rii View Post
          I meant shaping for LO as in Hornet > Super Hornet.
          Unlikely to modify the intakes in MK2. They are in anyway y shaped and mask the fans. Plus it already has a low RCS, with the hotspots treated with RAM per public reports, and now there is a comprehensive internal SPJ fit in the MK2 variant.
          A MK3 variant designed for further LO has been mentioned, but depends on whether IAF wants that or chooses the AMCA.


            And here's a picture that suites the name Tejas (one with a Halo/corona, aka a star)


              A fantastic post by Kartik at BRF on Tejas from AeroIndia 2013; fortunate to have such posters in our midst. I am not sure if he has a login here - I do not want to be presumptuous in case he wants to post it himself. So, I am just giving the link:


              Scroll to about half the page down (post time & date: 11 Feb 2013 15:58)

              Thanks Kartik for these wonderful posts. If you have a handle in Keypubs, please post these in full here as well.


                As I was mentioning earlier, LCA MK2 avionics have been upgraded even further, above & beyond those of MK1 FOC std which are of a level above those currently on the MKI itself.

                A larger version of the above does not allow for hotlinking, so in text:

                Key Features:
                1. Glass Cockpit
                2. Dual Redundant Open Architecture Mission and Display Computer
                3. Dual Redundant 1553B data bus
                4. Advanced sensors, MMR, Helmet mounted sight , RWR and Litening pod.
                5. Digital weapon management system comparable to russian western and etc.
                6. Computer controlled utility system and management system.
                7. Pylon interface boxes (PIB's)
                8. Easy role change

                1.Advanced glass cockpit with high performance graphics to support situational awareness, Decision Support and data fusion
                2. Enhanced Powerful Graphics integrated with mission and display computer
                3. Avionics Full-duple X-Switched Ethernet (AFDX) based back up avionics
                4. Enhanced EW Suite and NextGen Litening pod
                5. AESA Radar

                6. System on Chip (SoC) based design.
                7. Universal Pylon Interface Computer (UPIC)
                8. Digital Maps
                9. Enhanced SWAP (Size, Wieght and Power)
                Digital Maps were even there on MK1 via the DMG module on the Open Arch Computer, seems those are replaced with an IMA (new Integrated Modular Arch computer same as those for the Super 30 upgrade?).

                Key points though - data fusion (a big plus!) not to mention the AESA radar (looks like either development or sourcing is now certain enough to include it) plus the afore linked EW suite (with jammer).


                  This new system (3. Avionics Full-duple X-Switched Ethernet (AFDX) based back up avionics) is nothing but a reference to the protocol being used to implement a brand new avionics architecture.

                  Namely Integrated Modular Avionics. IMA's most famous examples today are the JSF & F-22 with their CIPs, which take it to an extreme. The LCA approach is more conservative but still the same concept.

                  1. Original Plan
                  In the case of the LCA, they won't be taking away the entire processing from each of the sensors & putting it back into the IMA CPU boxes, but clearly this is a significant step up from both the OAC (Open Architecture Computer) which in turn replaced the earlier federated Mission Computer+Display Computer+ Display Map Generator+ Video Switching Unit functions which all had a discrete LRU.

                  That approach was used on the Su-30 MKI with systems adopted from the LCA. A writeup can be found here.

                  2. OAC
                  Thereafter, when the LCA entered extensive test flights, the IAF asked for a further upgrade. DARE (DRDO;s avionics lab) designed the Open Architecture Computer, a single system which combined all the functions of the four LRUs above (MC, DP, DMG, VSU) into a single system, still leveraging the 1553B protocol. It also used newer Power PC processors as versus the earlier Intel ones on the separate units.

                  The OAC is the Bus controller for the three main buses(1553B) of the avionics architecture. All the operational functions like Navigation, Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground & Air-to-Sea , integrated maintenance functions, display functions related to the MFDs, HUD and HMD, plus the management functions (warning management etc are performed by the OAC).

                  Shows the OAC test rig when it was opened up (hence the puja ceremony, flowers, lamps etc)

                  This is the same standard as on the LCA MK-1 & the LSP, and is actually ahead of what is on the Su30 MKI & DARIN-1 Jaguar plus MiG-27 Upgrades.

                  3. IMA
                  Now, with LCA MK-2, DARE is implementing a new IMA (as mentioned above) with even more powerful performance, and capable of data fusion plus additional pilot aids!!

                  The LCA MK-2 also comes with a more sophisticated RWJ suite (with an integrated jammer), which will free up the 8th pylon & will also feed into the new IMA computers.

                  The IMA concept will also be used for the Super 30 upgrade and a test facility has been setup at DARE.


                  Net, as I posted before, the LCA team has constantly upgraded the systems & these are now being used across IAF programs.

                  4. Among the key systems that were procured off the shelf for the LCA program were its MFDs, its RLG-INS system. These two are now also going to be replaced on the MK-2 would be my estimate.

                  RLG-INS production has now stabilized at a point where it can be ramped up & MFDs are now available locally via a company called SAMTEL which has made itself into DARE/HALs preferred partner in that arena.

                  5. Overall, LCA avionics are going to be very current when it enters service, both in the MK-1 and MK-2 variants. Latest news from Aero India is that LRDE (the radar developers) are still confident they can meet the LCA timelines for a local AESA radar, and even several other manufacturers are competing to supply one if India looks for that option, with the ELTA's 2052 back in the fray.


                    A good read on current developments:

                    The DFCC is going to be the next upgrade. A couple of years back, the other items such as the Air data computer & other LRUs were upgraded.

                    Plus, there is a tender now out to indigenize around 112 LRUs many of which are already being supplied by SMEs to other aircraft programs in India.

                    Clearly, the program has now reached a stage where a near final BOM can be generated & hence vendors brought in to indigenize the LRUs on a commercial requirement, otherwise it was a wasted effort for them without a significant production run.

                    Interesting part is that leaving the engine out of the equation, 50% of the Tejas LRUs are already sourced locally.

                    The program is well on track to meet a pretty high indigenous content, ironically accelerated thanks to sanctions, as otherwise the initial approach was to only focus on high cost/high value added items alone.

                    The good part about taking the hard route with the LCA is that many of these systems can then be evolved into the MCA program.

                    Another import item from Aero India is that Astra is finally in a shape to begin its long awaited flight trials this year. Having gone through a significant redesign. As the LCA MK-1s get ready, they will have a local A2A BVR weapon & local PGMs (the Sudarshan family) as well.

                    HAL has also now (finally) committed to increasing its LCA output to 16/year from the current 8. They are raising three dedicated production facilities/hangers for this.

                    If there is anything that should be obvious by now, it should be clear that the IAF & the developers are in the long haul with this program and its acting as the test bed for pretty much anything & everything.

                    The Kaveri is now the one aspect of the tech generation program linked to the Tejas which is to be seen through with a proper roadmap.

                    Incidentally, HAL has committed to increasing its outsourcing from local industry, which means a lot of the Su-30 MKI TOT is flowing down to local vendors who in turn supply to HAL.


                      Originally posted by ananda View Post
                      Simple question now. Will Tejas especially the Mk2 in the end will replace Mig-21 in the Inventory on one on one basis (as the original Plan). When reading about Tejas on several forum and Media, sometime I just wander why so much negativity targeted on Tejas. This is Plan to replace Mig-21, and as the photograph can show, It can do well to replace Mig-21.

                      Why so much goal being burdened to Tejas ? when the original plan is to replace Mig-21, which I do believe this Little Fighter can do well on that.
                      Tejas will replace MiG-21 in IAF orbat (and probably Jaguar in the end too) but not 1:1. The world has changed in the decades since Tejas began and India with it. Everyone is moving to heavier platforms and UCAVs filling in from the bottom.


                        Thanks, how did you do that? When I right clicked, image disappeared.

                        So those UPICS can allow for any weapon to be carried on any station, provided it meets weight/carriage restrictions. Also, there is just the 1 IMA MC now, seems to have the redundancy built into one LRU. Weight savings ..



                          I see that the brake chute door has been hinged. Prior version was tethered to the chute itself and brightly colored.
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                            Getting to the operational level versus the prototypes.

                            The RLGINS being developed for the LCA is at the bottom left.


                              View from inside the cockpit and more..

                              Flown by Cmde Jaideep Maolankar.
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                                So I had a little spare time today and I decided to guess what Tejas Mk2 would look like (both Airforce and Naval variant).
                                From the recent information we know that Mk2 would be 0.5m longer than Mk1 variant, so based on that I photoshopped an existing picture of Mk1.
                                Here's the size comparison of Mk2 Airforce variant with Mk1. Not much of a difference.

                                Naval variant, with a drooping nose, higher pilot position and larger canopy.

                                Airforce Variant, Tejas Mk2.

                                Naval Variant, Tejas Mk2.
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                                  Some amazing pictures of Tejas by Praveen Sundaram.

                                  View the gallery over here:- Tejas-LCA - Photoyogi Commercial Photography - Praveen Sundaram


                                    No HQ spotted video of demonstration released yet?
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                                      Originally posted by emile View Post
                                      No HQ spotted video of demonstration released yet?
                                      Quite a few.


                                        Some more pictures from



                                          Update on Naval variant.

                                          And some pictures.