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    this was the cover of the AFM magazine n4/2000;

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Air-Forces-Monthly-2000-nummer-4-incl_-Roundel-Poster-22766209.jpg
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    it included a fine & large poster -I still have it- of the roundels of all the Air Forces in the world (of then).

    But I'd like to know if a another poster has been published more recently.

    In order to check my own updated list of the 171 world's Air Forces existing now.. (I can post it in this forum..)

    friendly yours,


    I never saw a newer one.

    My roundel site here:

    Sorry, in dutch only!
    For Roundels of the World: or Facebook:



      many thanks, GERARD, for your really interesting & extended website;

      I still have to discover all the many details !!

      (see also my comment (in Dutch) in your p.m. box )

      friendly yours,


      Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        Well, after comparing the many pages of GERARD's website with my -also-many 'papers', I can conclude -temporarily ?-
        for the number of existing Air Forces.

        The first question is, of course, how many countries do exist ?
        The reply is "evident" ; 195 !
        At first, the 193 members of the U.N. ;
        + Taiwan + Vatican
        Right ?
        OK !

        Some (17)(mini-) countries don't have any military aircraft;
        Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San-Marino, Vatican, Sao-Tome & Principe, Bhutan, East-Timor,
        Kiribati, Marshall-Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Salomon-Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu

        All comments are welcome !!

        And these 7 Caribbean islands may be considered as having -individually- no own ones ;

        THUS 171 countries have an Air Force

        And this may be an appeal to the AFM Editor ;

        Your previous roundels-poster was of 2000, ; don't you think it's time to consider the possibility of a newer '2012' edition ??

        It would be great !

        Sincerely & friendly yours,



          I agree

          @ Etienne:

          Thank you for your comments and advice.
          For Roundels of the World: or Facebook:


            Excellent site

            AFM in 1999 had also released a similar poster - but for some reason this was not thought to be popular and discontinued -also hope it comes back as its long overdue

            Air Zone in France published a similar poster a few years back but a bit rare to find


              Once could make their own?

              Handy with Photoshop, Illustrator, or even the GIMP? Wikipedia has free SVG/PNG files of each nation's roundel. Put them together, publish...

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                If you want a very simple site then yes, get the roundels from wikipedia and your done. But if you want a to publish all the roundels and the nummerous variations you have to do a liitle more than that.
                For Roundels of the World: or Facebook:


                  Majority of the images are in the public domain. Be sure of that and you'll be fine.


                    The Best updates aviation roundels site is


                    this is by the peerless John Cochrane who wrote the best book on aircraft roundels in 1998 published by Airlife

                    The site is updated with new roundels from Libya etc - check it out


                      ROUNDELS.... continued !

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	images.jpg
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                      the site proposed in the previous post is ... not bad !

                      but I had some surprises ; Angola, e.g. !

                      and some are missing : the new ones of Montenegro, South-Sudan, etc...

                      Here is another site (updated in ... 1996 )

             (also in English)

                      Maybe the next presented site will be THE perfect one ? !

                      friendly yours,



                        Good News

                        Finally after a lot of emails etc when nothing much worked - the power and impact of the social media and Facebook where AFM has a page had its effect.

                        After numerous appeals and a fantastic 25 years AFM Fighter aircraft poster - AFM is coming out with a roundels of the world poster in the sept 2013 issue after a wait of almost 13 years - hope its worth the wait

                        In another crazy development - Crecy/Hikoki is releasing John Cochrane's updated Military Roundels book in 2 volumes - first volume in Oct 2013 - can't wait


                          I am translating my website into English and have it updated at the same time. It will take a lot of time for it will be done. A few countries are ready and published. The Dutch version is still up to date!


                          A question about Angola: What is the most recent one. Are they still using the one with the star or not.
                          For Roundels of the World: or Facebook:


                            Congratulations, Gerard !

                            continue so,

                            & much success,

                            friendly, Etienne

                            (I'll look for Angola)


                              Thanks for the different links guys !


                                For all those who bought the print copy of the latest AFM sept 2013 (the E-version does not carry the poster ) and drooled over the World air force Roundels poster - its a fantastic treat - with all the roundels in their resplendent glory - thankfully the low viz roundels have been removed

                                A couple of questions - Is the roundel for Rwanda correct ? it shows a flag wheras what i had earlier was a roundel

                                The roundels for Somalia and South Sudan(?) seem to be missing and the navy seem roundels are incomplete for most countries

                                but otherwise well done - even if its taken 13 years for an update


                                  AFM of September !!!

                                  it was only this morning, Krishna, I read your yesterday post with THE good news of the month (of the year..!)

                                  I'm just back from my favourite bookshop... & now I have it in my hands ... (the poster, the other 100 pages will have to wait )

                                  At first, MANY THANKS to the Editor ! Sincerely !

                                  here you see a partly view of it ; (comments in my next post ..)
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                                    AFM World Air Forces POSTER...

                                    Now I try to compare that poster with my situation of last year (see post #4 in this thread..)

                                    Then were -IMO- 171 Air Forces............BUT I didn't count the RSS, nor deduct the 5 'historic ones ; Haiti, Fiji, Tonga, Somalia & Liberia... THUS >> 167 Air Forces

                                    In the new poster there are 171 insignia !!

                                    there are in fact 'some' differences between the two....

                                    Let's see ... * to deduct ; 6 Navies & 1 Army (we are in Air Forces...!) (= 7)

                                    .................. * to forget ; Abkhazia & Bhutan (= 2)

                                    ................... * are missing (= 5) ;Cape Verde, Comores, Gambia, South Sudan, & Iceland

                                    .(just to remember....historic ones ) ; Haiti, Fiji, Tonga & Somalia, Liberia (comments are welcome..)

                                    in the new situation, it means ; 171 -9 + 5 = 167 !!

                                    (would be better : ; Barbados >> RSS !!!
                                    ..........................; NATO >> Luxemburg
                                    not correct ; Angola, Seychelles, Montngro,....) (see Gerard's views )

                                    ..................>>>THUS, the final comparison is fully CORRECT....>>> 167 Air Forces

                                    friendly, Etienne
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                                      Comments /Rwanda ;

                                      see the 'new' markings ;
                                      Attached Files
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                                        Comments / RSS

                                        about "Barbados Defence Force" ; forget it, a replace it by RSS ;