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Location of Hanover Street Mitchells

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    I don't remember if these aircraft were in the film. They were seen at Blackbushe in 1979 together with some Ju-52's and other historics.



    B-25 151451

    B-25 151863


      All three are former Hanover Street B-25s. The first is N9115Z which was used by Hawke for several airshow appearances in 1978-79. Maybe even later. I think this is the 25 in which the turret came off during a display. You can see the old paint job shine through on the cowls, nose and fins. The second is N86427 and the colors/ nose- art were used in the movie Yanks. The third is N9455Z which later flew with Hawke/ Mitchell Flight. This is the one that ended up derelict in Avignon until Dave Tallichet came back and returned it to flying condition. They then flew it back to the US, the only one of the five to return to its country of origin.

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        Originally posted by Propstrike
        151632 Gorgeous George Ann / Thar She Blows B-25J-30NC 44-30925 N9494Z Brussels Air Museum
        151645 Marvellous Miriam B-25J-20NC 44-29366 N9115Z RAF Museum Hendon
        151790 Amazing Andrea B-25J-30NC 44-86701 N7681C Destroyed – Hangar Fire
        151863 Big Bad Bonnie B-25J-30NC 44-86843 N9455Z Grissom Air Museum
        151724 Brenda’s Boys B-25J-20NC 44-29121 N86427 Museo del Aire, Madrid, Spain
        I just had a quick look at the Warbird Registry entries for these aircraft and noticed that 44-86843 is not listed as having been used in Hanover Street. It also lists a different N-number for this airframe (N3507G instead of N9455Z). I guess that may just be an incomplete entry in the registry, or are we mixing up Mitchells?

        If I look at N9455Z in the FAA database, this appears to be 44-30210, not 44-86843. That means that the list posted by Propstrike in post #2 should be amended as follows:

        151863 Big Bad Bonnie B-25J-30NC 44-30210 N9455Z Tulsa, OK.
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          The story of recoving the Brussels one....

          and an up to date progress page
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            Ah, Hanover Street. I remember the scene where the B-25 is struck by German flack. Top secret German flack that can kill everyone on the plane with one shot apart from the two main characters.


              Haven't seen that film in ages, but it does mean that there's probably another bomber for my movie star models list....!
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