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Air Race Board Games?

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  • Vintav
    • May 2013
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    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Mark, I have one of those air race drinks trays. Very hard to photograph but at an angle shows the embossing shows. Ive only seen three in the last decade. Yours is one of them and the other two might be the same one seen for sale twice. Good to know theres others out there.
    i dont have any board games but lots of Aussie golden age stuff in my hoardings.
    Regrads, Stephen.
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    • Vintav
      • May 2013
      • 42

      Heres another related to the race. Looks like he had a few wines on the night!
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      • Mark_pilkington
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        • Jun 2004
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        Stephen, that's a great piece, perhaps the invitation to the dinner became his name plate and drink coaster at the table.

        In regards to the tray, I have one, you have one, the Museum of Victoria have one (from the same second hand store mine came from), and more recently a 4th one was on Ebay, and there is another shown online from a previous auction house sale, so that makes 5 surviving.


        Mark Pilkington
        "Never has a Country so Big!, owed so Much!, to those who Flew!"


        • WebPilot
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          • Jan 2000
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          Click image for larger version  Name:	Waddingtons-Air-Charter-Air-Cargo-Trading-Game_294_290_42V9I.jpg Views:	0 Size:	26.2 KB ID:	3852254

          Slightly off topic, but I had this air themed board game. You "flew" a plastic aircraft that looked nothing like a DC3 around the map picking up cargo and competing for money, trading off fuel for cargo and jockeying for position on approach. It was less exciting than it sounds... :-)
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