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Foulness Island Ranges

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  • Meddle
    Rank Bajin.
    • Sep 2014
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    This suggests that sections of XR219 may exist in private hands then?


    • Bruce
      Independent analyst
      • Jan 2000
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      When I bought out a company in London, I found that I had a few TSR2 instruments. They sold well enough to start things up, and I haven't looked back!!


      • TempestV
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • Dec 2003
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        I dont believe in conspiracy theories surrounding the tsr2.
        When I visited a "closing" west Essex mod site in 1990 to see what aircraft sections were remaining, there were chunks of tsr2 wing and fin there. We were told not to touch them owing to what had been tested on them. This would explain why the scrappy had to be strict.


        • NEEMA
          Rank 5 Registered User
          • Feb 2013
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          In Damien Burkes excellent TSR2 book, the cockpit is described as: Test forebody T5 and that it was .Rescued from the Farnborough dump in 1992.
          I spent many hours on that dump (out on the way to Western Squadron) in the late 60's, early 70's and can confirm that there were large sections of TSR 2 there , among a lot of other intriguing bits and pieces. Not all was on the surface and one find, digging under a bush, revealed an entire single seat Vampire pod.Acting on a hunch, I got this rolled over and, sure enough , the entire nose leg assembly, including an inflated tyre, was retracted within.
          To cut a long story ( and a fair bit of bureaucracy ) short this went to the Science Museum's "Winkle Brown" Vampire deck lander displayed in the Fleet Air Arm Museum.
          "Oldies" may remember it was displayed for some years in the 60's without a nose wheel assembly......


          • heli1
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Jan 2009
            • 260

            Was Hanningfield Metals in the Birmingham area.I remembers seeing a pile of TSR 2 sections at a yard there in the distant past and in fact have a small piece including part of a serial number in a collection of c/n plates that I put together during the same sad is that !


            • Roobarb
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Mar 2005
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              Hanningfield Metals operated from a yard at Stock, in Essex. Great place and much missed. I found a Blue Steel Missile there right at the back of the yard one day. I soon found that it "didn't exist"...


              • G-ORDY
                Rank 5 Registered User
                • Mar 2005
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                Raced the Southend on Sea Triathlon in the mid-1990's and was surprised to find the bike course was on closed roads through the Foulness range. I recall several tanks, at least one Jaguar and an ETPS Phantom, darned windy and sunny day, 30mph on the way out and only 13mph coming back!
                Now finished Hawker Hurricane Survivors - published by Grub Street


                • Anon
                  Mike Davey
                  • Jan 2008
                  • 2872

                  You might find, heli1, that if it's a TSR2 dataplate you have it may be worth quite a bit to a TSR2 aficionado.

                  No, not sad at all.



                  • avion ancien
                    Long ago and far away ...
                    • Aug 2007
                    • 5336

                    Originally posted by Anon View Post
                    ..... if it's a TSR2 dataplate .....
                    ..... that's all that you'll need for a rebuild of that TSR2 ..... and in 2016 wil it be at .....!


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