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Chaz Bowyer

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  • lisajhoare
    Registered User
    • Jun 2008
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    Chaz Bowyer

    With regret I would like to report the death of my father, aviation historian Chaz Bowyer. He passed away peacefully yesterday (18th June) at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital aged 81, after a brief illness. His immediate family were all with him.

    I am Chaz's daughter and would like to thank all the well-wishers for their e-mails of condolence which are a great comfort to the family at this time. Dad lived and breathed aircraft and the brave airmen that flew them from a very young age and his interest and passion for the subject never diminished. I know he would have been touched at some of the tributes we have been sent.

    If anybody would like to contact me please use my e-mail address at -

    Please feel free to pass this information on to any forums you feel may be interested in Dads passing, I would like to let the wider Aviation community know.

    Thanks - Lisa
  • pagen01
    St Mawganphile
    • Aug 2007
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    Extremely saddened to hear this, he was an aviation legend during my growing up, with my face usually deeply buried in his books he allowed my interest to grow.

    My condolences to you and your family



    • Bruce
      Independent analyst
      • Jan 2000
      • 10163

      Absolutely - my very first Aviation book was written by Chaz Bowyer, as was the book that spurred my interest in the Spitfire, and led ultimately to my working on them for a living.

      Lisa, I am sure I am not alone in expressing my condolences to you at this sad time.

      With very best regards

      Bruce Gordon


      • DazDaMan
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • Aug 2003
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        Sorry to hear of your loss. I'm sure we've all read at least one of your father's books over the years!

        My condolences.
        Daren Cogdon

        Spitfire fanatic


        • adrian_gray
          Which idiot let HIM in?
          • Jan 2000
          • 2889

          Blue skies, Chaz.

          Another one who read his books... You'll be missed, mate!

          "Snow clearing equipment has been found under snowdrift" - message sent from RNAS Hatston, Orkney, 1944.


          • Denis
            The past is preferable!
            • Mar 2004
            • 1495

            It was only a couple of weeks ago, that I was trying to contact your father in regard to a documentary film being made. I was so sorry to hear from you of his passing yesterday in your email to me.
            Sincere condolences to you, and your family, Lisa.

            To Chaz? ..thank you for your inspiration. Blue sky to you Sir.
            Hertfordshire Airfields Memorial Group

            Hunsdon, Sawbridgeworth and Matching Green airfields..


            • Pondskater
              Rank Registered User
              • Sep 2006
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              My condolences. I not only have found his books to be enjoyable and informative but, when I needed help for one of my projects, he went out of his way to help me track down a particular photograph. A real gentleman.

              I reach for his books regularly and there is a well thumbed copy of his Short Sunderland book open on my desk right now.

              Kind regards

              Allan King
              "Writing is easy - all you have to do is stare at a blank piece of paper until your forehead bleeds." - Douglas Adams


              • Peter
                • Jan 2000
                • 12473

                My sincere condolences to you and your family. Chaz was an inspiration to all of us in the aviation community and will be greatly missed.

                Kidest Regards,
                "Merlins always drip oil, when they don't....worry!"


                • low'n'slow
                  Rank 5 Registered User
                  • Sep 2006
                  • 1436

                  Hard to add anything further to the tributes above.

                  Chaz Bowyer inspired so many of us and his work will live on.

                  I hope that will be of some small consolation at this sad time.


                  • Moggy C
                    • Jan 2000
                    • 20519

                    Top man.

                    A name that has echoed through the aviation related parts of my life.

                    I never knew him. I wish I had.

                    Commiserations Lisa. Even at that respectable age it's hard to lose a loved parent.

                    "What you must remember" Flip said "is that nine-tenths of Cattermole's charm lies beneath the surface." Many agreed.


                    • BSG-75
                      So say we all.....
                      • Aug 2007
                      • 2836

                      A gentleman, we exchanged a few letters when I was in my late teens, I was doing a project on politics and aviation at 6th form, and he was always polite, helpful and enthusiastic about my interest in aviation. I can see 8 of his books from where I sit now.

                      I lost my father 18 months ago and as Moggy says, its hard so condolences from me, but also if appropriate a "thank you"- certainly I have had endless pleasure from his work and I will do for years to come.
                      You can teach monkies to fly better than that....


                      • Ballykellybrat
                        Rank 5 Registered User
                        • Apr 2007
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                        Dust jacket of Wellington at War -
                        "Chaz Bowyer is the successful author of a number of titles in Ian Allan's acclaimed At War series, and in Wellington at War he provides a remarkable portrayal of a remarkable aircraft"

                        and written by a remarkable man.


                        • Tangmere1940
                          Andy Saunders
                          • May 2006
                          • 8358

                          As a schoolboy and later, as my interest developed, Chaz Bowyer's books were always an inspiration to me. Each one was devoured with avid interest, and each one remains in my library today. He chuckled when I told him, years later, that I revered his writings and yearned for his depth of knowledge. Blue skies, Chaz. You will be missed by many.
                          Editor: 'Britain at War' Magazine

                          A 'Key Publishing' product - Britain's Best Selling Military History Monthly


                          • Propstrike
                            Rank 5 Registered User
                            • Mar 2004
                            • 3903

                            A great enthusiast, and prolific author.

                            I hope that someone can rustle up some sort of a flypast, preferably historic, and give him a good send-off.


                            • Lee Howard
                              Roundel checker
                              • Jan 2004
                              • 731


                              Very sad news. One of the dwindling band of hardcore trailblazing aviation historians to whom we all owe a great deal.


                              The views I express are PURELY my own. Please respect that.


                              • lisajhoare
                                Registered User
                                • Jun 2008
                                • 3

                                Thanks so much

                                Wow, thank you all for your kind and sincere messages, it means so much to know he is still so highly thought of by the aviation community. Yes I am, and have always been, very proud of him both as a person and for the achievements in his lifetime. He was a individual that's for sure (as I am sure anyone that met him can testify!) but also an inspiring Father, helping me to be the independent and creative person I am today.

                                I will miss him very, very much, but your kind words will remain with me and the rest of my family as a great comfort - thank you all.


                                • merkle
                                  Rank 5 Registered User
                                  • Jan 2006
                                  • 1115

                                  my Condolences

                                  I am so sorry to hear of the Loss of your father
                                  Chaz Bowyer,a great man who worked tirelessly for aviation,

                                  I personnally lost my dad in 2003, it was devastating, I understand as do many others who have lost such close loved one,

                                  But remember your dad will allways be with you in your heart, and your happy memories, Chaz also will be Fondly remembered for many many years also for the wonderful work he completed,

                                  My Condolences to you and your Family,
                                  Kindest regards
                                  Chris C
                                  coke cans a bottle tops


                                  • XH668
                                    Supporting the VPG
                                    • Nov 2007
                                    • 1162

                                    Well what can i say that hasnt allready been said

                                    I to have read one of hes books and i hope to read a few more

                                    Ive heard abit about him when talking to people and he sounds a wondeful man, and someone i would aspire to be.

                                    The aviation community will be deeply sadened by this but im sure hes spirt will live on in all of us

                                    My thought are with you and your family and best wishes for the future

                                    Honda Type R
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                                    "Keeping Britain's Heritage Flying!"


                                    • Dave Homewood
                                      Rank 5 Registered User
                                      • Mar 2004
                                      • 5632

                                      I'm sorry to hear of Mr Bowyer's death. My condolences to you and your family Lisa.

                                      His books are also popular here in New Zealand and so I have posted your message onto my NZ aviation forum here

                                      Wings Over Cambridge - Cambridge's and New Zealand's Contribution to the Wartime Air Forces

                                      Wings Over New Zealand Forum


                                      • Rocketeer
                                        Left to do other things
                                        • Jan 2005
                                        • 5195

                                        Like many others on here and in the UK, my first book on aircraft was by the great man was a huge book on the RAF History and was full of great photos that really got me into aviation heritage. Condolescences to family and friends.....Blue skies Chaz
                                        Tony Dyer


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